What is Q? Well, let’s ask Fake Tapper of CNN.

The Q Group | Fake Tapper | Communist News Network (CNN)

What is Q doing? Saving the world.

Q: The Plan to Save the World | Joseph Masepoes | Digital Soldiers

President Trump LOVES the number 17.

President Trump says the Number 17 A LOT!

Trump Rallies are Back!

This Weekend’s Trump Rally is in Ohio.

Why was President Trump’s first rally since being on the campaign trail in 2020 in Ohio? I think we know why.

Ohio was the 17th State to be Annexed to the Union.

The Great Sidney Powell wrote this book. It was published in 1949.

Toward the Great Awakening by Sidney W. Powell

Speaking of books, in the late 19th & early 20th Centuries an author by the name of Ingersoll Lockwood wrote some books about the Trumps.

Ingersoll Lockwood Classics

Time Travel is Fun.

Q Drop 3555

Today there is a company named Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc. It is located at 1717 Pennsylvania Ave. NW in Washington D.C.

Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc.

Check out what else is apparently located at 1717 Pennsylvania Ave. NW in Washington D.C.

United States Criminal Tribunal Against Child Kidnapping Trust

And how about this mind-blowing detail about the Ingersoll Lockwood website? Hidden within are Q’s plans. This is incredible!


Volunteers for the Maricopa County Election Audit are instructed to enter the Veterans Memorial Coliseum Complex near 17th Ave. & McDowell Rd.

Maricopa County, AZ Election Audit

More References to the Number 17

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