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All Roads Lead to Epstein


[L-R] CNNs Don Lemon, Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

All Roads Lead to Epstein | Victor Takacs

Today we’re in a Kappy mood, and why not? He said it and sang it long before any of us were even aware of all this or had the guts to reveal it ourselves. This is a man who hardly lost his life in vain. On the contrary, he is someone showing us the way forward. Men of truth lose their lives at the hands of cowards. Isaac Kappy is a martyr for our Movement, and he did exactly what we should all be doing. Aware of the fact that there is an international podophile ring being run by the most powerful among us, speaking out is only proper. This consummate evil needs to be rooted out yesterday!

Isaac Kappy Exposes Tom Hanks’ and Steven Spielberg’s Pedophilia
Isaac Kappy Exposes Tom Hanks’ and Steven Spielberg’s Pedophilia

All roads lead to Epstein. Justice is coming, and that alone is reason to celebrate today and every day in the hereafter. Isaac Kappy’s brand is a unique style of pizazz all his own. He remains with us as we take our fight to the bitter end.

All roads lead to Epstein. Pedophilia is among the most heinous of crimes that can ever be committed. The vast majority of human beings agree with the aforementioned statement. Like abortion, pedophilia preys upon the most innocent and defenseless of us. The cowardice of such crimes cannot be overstated. Moreover, their heartbreaking consequences and psychological effects are abhorrent beyond the imagination.

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  1. The photo of Don lemon is clearly a photo shopped picture of him and Chris Cuomo. Shame on you for spreading lies! Don lemon was never with Jeffrey Epstein.

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