Anthony Fauci and Ralph Baric Created COVID-19


Fauci is the Father of the COVID-19 Virus

Fauci, CDC, NIH & CCP Responsible for Covid-19

Fauci Lied Under Oath

Fauci Wants to Hire CCP Virologists

Johns Hopkins University

American Media: Useful Idiots for Totalitarian Regimes

Anthony Fauci and Ralph Baric Created COVID-19 | Victor Takacs

Let me be clear. The mainstream media have been echoing and continue to echo Chinese government propaganda. They’re doing the exact same thing they did with Russian collusion. They are the useful idiots, once again, for another totalitarian regime. Even during the darkest days of a pandemic that has gripped our nation and the world as a whole, the media continue to play games. Over the past three and a half years, the goal of the deceitful American media has been to drive this president from office. Prior to him being inaugurated, it was to destroy his campaign for the presidency. When Russian collusion failed, it was onto the fabrication of a Ukrainian quid pro quo that resulted in impeachment. Still it was never enough to drive him from office.

Donald Trump is in their cross hairs all day, every day. They’ll do anything to discredit him. The aforementioned were major attempts to drive the president from office. Sprinkled throughout have been minor attempts that never grew legs to walk. And so here we are. The latest and greatest hoax is not the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus itself. Any person with a brain in their skull knows that a virus that is making people sick and is killing the most vulnerable is not a hoax. No. The hoax exists in the line of thinking that Donald Trump is solely to blame for the virus. Any reporter that tells you that is just spreading COVID 19 lies. However, it is well-established fact that Anthony Fauci and Ralph Baric Created COVID-19.

Yes. There is a Hoax.

This hoax must be laid bare at the feet of an irresponsible media elite who have established themselves as the surrogates of the American political left. The pandemic is something they are quick to unethically use against the president of the United States. Never before have we seen such gross negligence in messaging to the American people as a whole. I am of the belief that it’s criminal, and these people could quite possibly be prosecuted for their malfeasance.

“Let’s Call it Trumpvirus” This is America’s Supposed Paper of Record; Absolute Garbage

Total Disservice in Messaging

THE TRUTH: Anthony Fauci and Ralph Baric Created COVID-19. Millions of Americans who have not consulted the media over the past four years are now tuning in. They are shocked by our media’s pathetic attempt to make a game out of something so serious. They are appalled by the crusade to put the blame for all of this on the President and his administration. Any normal thinking person who operates according to common sense should be demanding answers from these networks. It’s fake news yesterday. It’s fake news today. And it’s fake news tomorrow. Even in the midst of this Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, these reprobates will stop at nothing in pursuing their destroy Trump agenda.

The Fake News (LIARS & HOAXERS)

Mark D. Levine is the Council member for the 7th District of the New York City Council. He is a Democrat. The district includes the Manhattan neighborhoods of Morningside Heights, West Harlem, Washington Heights, and part of the Upper West Side.
Dr. Oxiris Barbot is the commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

The President

House and Senate Democrats’ Actions on Stimulus Unconscionable

Democrat Pork Barrel Spending Jammed into Wuhan Virus Stimulus Bill

After bipartisan meetings that ran for hours, democrats and republicans had an agreement on a Wuhan Virus stimulus package. Or so we thought? House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said it best: “In all my years in politics, I have never seen something like this before.” He’s right. Even legislation proposed by Democrats helps to perpetuate their COVID 19 lies.

Do not let the liberal mainstream media try and fool you. This is perhaps among the worst pieces of legislation ever to be taken up by the United States Congress. Our current legislature is now over a year into its 116th session. I defy anyone to find a bill taken up by that body, since 1787, that was worse than this garbage. It is literally front loaded, back loaded, side loaded, and overloaded with pork. Like we need pork barrel spending at a time like this. Have they lost their minds? Hundreds of billions of dollars in spending that has absolutely nothing to do with this virus? Unconscionable!

Who knows? Maybe it’s not such a tall task after all to find worse legislation. However, context is very important here. This bill had near unanimous support from members of one of our nation’s two major political parties, the democrats. Therefore, you can guess its fate in the House. Yep. It passed. Moreover, it came at a time when the American people are in most need of an economic stimulus. That time is obviously now. It is a time in which a pandemic has brought the world’s mightiest economy to a screeching halt. People are in desperate need of economic relief, and they need it in swift, bold, sweeping emergency action.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is FULL of COVID 19 Lies.

Unfortunately, the American people got anything but swift, bold, or sweeping. They got the next democrat hoax. Except this time, the democrats are willing to offer up their own for sacrifice, their constituents. It’s what they do best when you think about it. They are literally the party of promises made, promises broken. They sell their bullshit via media servants who run a tight race with them regarding degrees of obsessive hatred for the President. But the American people aren’t buying. And why in the hell would they be buying? This is the party that has benevolently showered us all with the Russia Hoax, a senile Mueller, a porn actress and her slip and fall lawyer (Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti), the Emoluments Clause, taxi cab medallions, a gang rapist Supreme Court justice, a fake whistle blower, an impeachment hoax and acquittal, etc.

Now it’s time to crucify Trump and the GOP to the cross of the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. Did the democrats not think Americans would look into the congressional delay of a stimulus meant to aid them in their time of need? This is a party that has been exposed. They twist the truth into lies, both day and night and fool their constituents, but their hourglass has almost run out.

Given the context, I defy anyone to find a worse piece of legislation.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) Blast Dems on Pork Loaded Stimulus Bill

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  1. 10/30/1957 page 6 International Health Authorities expect a world-wide influenza virus which first appeared in Hong King and Singapore… If you do not remember your history you are doomed to repeat it…
    Want to look this story up?
    or google “Panama Canal Spillway” October 30 1957… Lets count 60 years ago??? What happened to a 100 year virus?

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