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ANTIFA Disrespects Floyd Memory | Victor Takacs

Exploitation is what the Left specializes in. Their policies exist not on a foundation of truth and common sense but on a foundation of selfishness and tyranny. Just ask Joe Biden, who recently said, “You ain’t black if you vote for Trump.” The connotation here is that the only black people he cares about are those who vote for him. It’s the “Clarence Thomas Syndrome” if you will. Justice Thomas, an African American, was maligned by democrats in the Senate during his confirmation hearings to become a Supreme Court justice. Thomas, it was alleged, had sexually harassed a former co-worker. In the end, those allegations had no merit and were deemed unequivocally false. Justice Thomas was eventually confirmed to the high court, but he made it known that Liberals care only about blacks who are not conservative. Specifically he said, that “blacks who deign to think for themselves and refuse to follow an old world order run the risk of being victims of high tech lynchings instead of being hung from trees.”

United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas

Exploitation is the reason the democrats want wide open borders. For them it’s about power and not about race. They feign moral outrage over border security, but the truth is that the more wide open the border is, the more potential votes they think they can gain. Never forget…the Democrat Party depends on people needing them. They cannot win elections if there is not a substantial number of people depending on them at all times. They will run sky high debts to funnel not their own personal money, but that of the American taxpayers, to citizens in exchange for votes. It’s essentially political bribery. This system of exploitation for votes occurs in much the same way peaceful demonstrators are being exploited by ANTIFA.

In their latest stunt, ANTIFA disrespects the Floyd memory. The inability to be perceptive to this reality shows a lack of common sense within the collective psyche of the American media.

ANTIFA a Domestic Terror Group

Antifa is a domestic terrorist group. It must be crushed by law enforcement. Anyone who has participated in this criminal violence against the innocent and defenseless citizens in these communities must do serious jail time. Any politicians who have encouraged this criminal violence or have been silent in the face of it, or have failed to protect their citizens and communities, must be defeated and forever removed from any position of public trust. Any media figure or figure in the popular culture — actor, athlete, comedian, etc. — who has encouraged or excused this criminal violence should be forever condemned by the American people. There must be no excuses or exceptions for this violent mayhem and anarchy, endangering the lives and destroying the livelihoods of innocent citizens.”

– Mark Levin

Videos Showing Evidence of Soros Funding & a Complicit ANTIFA

Soros Contract via Friends of Democracy for 2015 Freddy Gray Baltimore Riots

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State of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison’s Son, Minneapolis Councilman Jeremiah Ellison

The Democrat Party

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