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Aubrey Huff and Donald Trump

Trump Supporter Aubrey Huff Not Invited to World Series Reunion

Aubrey Huff and Donald Trump | Victor Takacs

This MLB season marks eleven years since the San Francisco Giants trashed the Texas Rangers in the 2010 World Series, on their way to a world championship.  Aubrey Huff was a key component in the well-oiled machine that was the 2010 Giants.  During the 2010 season Huff hit .290 while smashing 26 home runs and driving in 86 runs, finishing 7th in the NL MVP voting.  Anyone with the semblance of a brain realizes that Aubrey Huff had a whole hell of a lot to do with San Francisco’s success in 2010.  That is, anyone except Giants’ CEO Larry Baer.  Unfortunately tolerance for Aubrey Huff as a Donald Trump fan cannot abide. Why do I say that, you ask?  Let’s hear it straight from Huff himself.  In a tweet from 02/18/2020, Huff had this to say:

Aubrey Huff, a very important, well-liked San Francisco Giant was not invited to participate in the 2010 World Series reunion because he is a Donald Trump supporter. In case you don’t know, Donald Trump is the current president of the United States of America. Where are we at today in society? A prominent former professional baseball player speaks out in support of the president of our great country and he is blackballed. The San Francisco Giants are in essence erasing Aubrey Huff from their history books. In 2010, Huff was cheered and beloved by thousands of San Francisco fans and he’s now being told that he cannot stand in front of the very fans that he delivered a championship to a decade ago. This is the latest example of the assault taking place on our freedom of speech and the constitution that defines us. We have all seen the numerous failed attempts to remove Donald Trump from office all because some people personally don’t like him. Sad! And now it’s spilling over into the sports world by way of the feeble attempt of the San Francisco Giants to silence Aubrey Huff and his support of our duly elected president. Little do they know, things like this only make the president and his supporters stronger. It really is disgusting that people go to such great lengths in an effort to destroy another human being’s accomplishments based solely on the fact that this person has differing political views. Huff dedicated his heart and soul to a career in baseball and ten years later the Giants are acting like it never happened. This brand of intolerance is specifically because of the fact that Aubrey Huff is for Donald Trump.

Aubrey Huff was a phenomenal baseball player, but check out this video for some of his best work.

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