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Mort Collin is a contributor to Free State of V. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2014. Mort earned a bachelor's degree in Legal Studies with a minor in Constitutional Law. His expertise is in the processes and procedures of law enforcement and the federal judiciary.

The Mueller Report for Dummies

This Mueller Report for Dummies Should Help with Understanding the Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Report on Russian Collusion & Obstruction of Justice Accusations of the Trump Campaign and the Trump Presidential Administration.

The Steele Dossier

Comey Protected Hillary Clinton

Flynn Call Intercepted Illegally at Request of Obama White House

FBI NEVER Unmasks Flynn on Kislyak Call.

Andrew Weissmann Mueller’s Pitbull

The #2 man on the Special Counsel ran the show. He was a donor to Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign for President. Moreover, he was seen at Hillary's victory party that never happened. He also unlawfully destroyed Arthur Andersen in his prosecution of energy giant Enron Corp.

Incidental Collection

Russia Hoax/Spygate: Obama Admin Surveillance of Trump Camp, Transition & Presidency Forged in the Fires of Nearly 8 Years of White House Spy Programs

Kimberley Strassel: Adam Schiff’s Surveillance State and the FCC

In his response to allegations of surveillance, he has said that members of Congress are allowed to surveil any American. Not even the CIA is suppose to surveil Americans without a warrant.

Biden Tells Union Worker “You’re Full of S–t” Video

Does Joe Biden understand the things that are coming out of his mouth? Here he cusses at a voter in a state he needs to win.

Bill Clinton and China Gate

This is what real presidential collusion looks like.

Jerry Nadler Penguin

Void of the knowledge of justice & its implementation among a free people, Dems are eliminating it execution style.

Hunter Biden Slush Fund

Bank statements recently released by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office show LARGE payments to Rosemont Seneca, LLC (PARTNERS: John Kerry, Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, Christopher Heinz).

No Collusion

Dems are playing games with our Constitution. When they do that, there is only one word to describe it...HOAX!!!

Adam Schiff Russian Audio

Could you have ever imagined it: This odd man would be hijacking our political system to drive a president elected by the American people from office?

Real Talk for Real People

Great Debate Box Watch

Great Debate Box Watch

Joe Biden Ukraine Video

Joe Biden Ukraine Documents

Iowa Caucuses and Shadow

Iowa Caucuses and Shadow

Tulsi Gabbard and Hillary

Is Joe Biden Senile?

Joe Biden Senile

Eric Ciaramella Photo

Eric Ciaramella Photo

Hunter Biden Slush Fund

Hunter Biden Slush Fund

Republican Talking Points

Conservatives for the Rule of Law

Jessica Cisneros for Congress

Biden Documents Released

Ad Destroys Dems on Lies



Democrats Running for President


Marianne Williamson

Reparations Debate