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There are things that cannot be made up, and this just so happens to be one of those things. The Left-Wing media outlet CNN did nothing less than trash the President of the United States for over two years. As we all know, they were not the only ones, but they are definitely the only ones to do something as ridiculous as this. The Cable News Network (CNN) rabidly and recklessly followed every lead on Russia-Trump collusion, even if it was of the outrageous. For example, when it became clear that the president had entered into two non-disclosure agreements with both Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, America had the opportunity to meet Michael Avenatti. Avenatti was the attorney representing porn actress Stormy Daniels as she revealed the non-disclosure agreement she had entered into with the president.

The Latest Avenatti News

Michael Avenatti and his client would ultimately be instructed to pay for the president’s legal fees, as she had no legal basis to file suit against him. She’s the one who violated the agreement, not he. Avenatti would go on to represent Julie Swetnick as she falsely accused President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of gang raping young women at parties. In the end, Avenatti would be arrested for domestic violence, but the charges would eventually be dropped. The latest porn lawyer drama has him ensnared in an attempt, with famous attorney Mark Geragos, to defraud Nike of millions of dollars.

Earlier this evening, CNN announced that they would be sending Fake Tapper to Los Angeles to conduct an interview of Avenatti LIVE from the Los Angeles County Jail. We have also confirmed that jail Warden, Pat Miboutey, approved the interview, because he’s never been on television and wants the opportunity to be able to speak to the American people about his shithole jail as well as his new diet. Miboutey has been permitted a five minute spot by CNN to introduce the interview at his jail.

The very latest from the CNN Newsroom rumor mill concerns rumblings about an extremely angry Brian Stelter. Reliable sources (something Stelter unfortunately lacks) inside the media giant’s operation are telling specific tales of Stelter going off the rails recently. Why? We’re being told it revolves around jealousy. Apparently Stelter wanted this assignment: the highly coveted Avenatti interview. After all, it’s Stelter who has become fast friends with Avenatti, much more than any of the other fake news reporters on staff at CNN. Michael Avenatti was a frequent guest on Brian Stelter’s show, Unreliable Sources.

Free State of V reached out to CNN boss Jeff Zucker for comment on this recent newsroom drama, but he was apparently at Taco Bell for three days. Long story short, Zucker could not be contacted for comment. While it’s true that we contemplated making another attempt to establish contact with Zucker later on, cooler heads prevailed. Potential futility in a second attempt at contact was well founded by many on our staff. It was posited that a Zucker three day Taco Bell bender had more than likely resulted in a bile movement that probably lasted for at least an additional three days. If there’s one thing about Zucker everyone knows, it’s that you NEVER bother him on the shitter.

Pictured From Left to Right: Fake Tapper, Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti, & Los Angeles County Jail Warden Pat Miboutey

So with Stelter sidelined on the assignment, Tapper hyped his future interview so as to make an attempt to prop up CNN’s terrible ratings numbers. When asked for comment about the opportunity, Fake Tapper responded, “Are you kidding me? Opportunity? Of course! This may in fact be the greatest opportunity of my life. Here at CNN, we seek the truth, and Michael Avennati is a man of truth. I should know, because I interviewed him on my show at least 60 times within a two month period. I love Michael, and he is not guilty of what they say he is guilty of. He should be the next President of the United States. A man of impeccable integrity and humility, Michael fights for the truth. It is beyond me how a man like Michael, who wouldn’t dream of railroading anyone, is in fact himself being railroaded.” Subsequently thereafter and quicker than anyone could say Julie Swetnick, Tapper was gone.

CNN’s love affair with Avenatti is quite the mystery, but couple it with the fact that they continue to double down on their false reporting about Trump-Russia Collusion, it’s easier to understand. In other words, after a more than two year investigation of the president with nineteen lawyers hard at work on the case as it were, CNN rejects the conclusions of said investigation. Therefore, is it really all that crazy to witness a continued love affair between the leader in Fake News and Mr. Sleazeball Avenatti? Now if you’re theorizing that perhaps it’s only Tapper who’s in the tank with Avenatti and not the network as a whole, have a look at this weird interview conducted by the very unusual Brian Stelter. He’s almost giddy as he inquires about a supposed Avenatti presidential run.

In an Interview about his appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Michael Avenatti sits Down for an Interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter
Avenatti Jailhouse Interview to be Featured on CNN’s THE LEAD with Jake Tapper

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