Biden Burisma and Hillary2020 Election

Biden Burisma and Hillary

Biden Burisma and Hillary | Victor Takacs

They are who we thought they were. The Democrat Party is going to suffer mightily from the disastrous effects of the news cycle of these past two weeks. Biden, Burisma and Hillary are on millions of Americans’ minds. Despite multiple media outlets’ refusal to cover these massive stories of corruption, the American people are discovering the truth.

Upcoming Fake News Funeral

This, to me, is evidence of the fact that the Fake News Liberal Media has been rendered illegitimate. In all honesty, President Trump’s victory at the ballot box four years ago put their illegitimacy on full display before our entire nation. Rome wasn’t built in a day. These media hacks and their fake news networks will not fade overnight, but they will indeed fade.

There will come a day when the number of American Truthers will reach a climax. At this max out point, liberal media networks and newspapers will stand at a decision-making precipice. The choice will be between the continuation of reporting lies and a transformation toward reporting the truth. They’ll choose the former, and this will back them into a corner. Their self-inflicted damage and harm at that point will be fatal. I call it “media suicide.”

In death, they’ll have no resurrections, second chances or opportunities for redemption. Their only hope at that point will be to exist as salacious tabloids and shows. There is also the chance that they’ll cease to exist altogether. The American people will not continue to support a lying media. It’s within our DNA to resist encroachments upon our freedom and liberty. We showed this to the rest of the world in the lead up to, during, and after the Revolutionary War. Politicians would be hard pressed to change those characteristics of our political makeup.

Media Propaganda an Affront to Liberty

In that vein, media propaganda is an egregious affront to the liberty of the American people they will not tolerate. Its deception violates every norm we as Americans hold dear. It is a dangerous usurpation of power that sends a message to the American people. That message is that only certain people are worthy of transparency and truth. This elitist mentality is the stuff of power hungry communist and fascist regimes. Moreover, it’s the stuff of a cult of personality that marches in lockstep behind its corrupt party leadership and poisonous media sycophants. Our knowledge of the truth is not a privilege. It is a right!

Biden, Burisma and Hillary are only the tip of the iceberg for America’s most unethical political party ever– The Democrat Party. There is still so much to learn about all of the attempted presidential coup d’etats that have occurred over the past four years.

The Corrupt Barack Obama

What else is there we still have yet to learn more about? Well, we have Barack Obama’s malfeasance, especially when it comes to his administration’s use of FBI contractors’ access to the National Security Agency’s database for illegal domestic espionage. It was also Obama supervised the creation of an I.R. (intelligence report) that falsely gave the impression that Russia was extremely involved in shaping the outcome of the 2016 Election for President Trump. And finally, we have a political prisoner in Michael Flynn. Asshole Judge Emmet Sullivan is refusing to drop the Flynn case. And why? Because that’s how Barack Obama wants it.

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