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Biden No Longer Receiving Intel Briefings

Is it Really Over?

Biden No Longer Receiving Intel Briefings | Victor Takacs

The 2020 election is in the books. That should do it. If there truly is a fat lady bellowing out tunes from an undisclosed location, she is indeed doing it now. Am I right? What a bizarre way to end such a prosperous four years for the American people. Can it be over? Is this fight really kaput? Well, only time will tell, but the very latest news from Washington speaks volumes.

What’s astonishing is that the legal battles kicked off by the Trump team seem to be losing steam. What’s even more astonishing is that the President and his attorneys may have decided to throw in the towel. How can this be with so many cases of voter fraud having emerged within the past six weeks. What happened? Perhaps it was their conspiracy theories that finally did Trump’s legal team in. If only they would have just focused on the evidence. Oh well.

As Alyssa Milano recently tweeted, “I am ready to move #ForwardTogether.” After all, she has always been quite the sage. Apparently, we just didn’t know it.

“Please! We beg of you. Have mercy on us, Alyssa. For we know not what we do.”

Could it be? Is it really over? Sure. For them it is, but as we’ve seen time and time again, these people do not live in reality. They are unsuspecting of the death knell that awaits them. They are unaware of the administration’s possession of riveting evidence that will eventually bring them all down.

Not so Fast

Be on the lookout for a new WikiLeaks Dump that will feature evidence of voter fraud and much more.

Biden is no longer receiving intel briefings. A recent Pentagon directive has halted all intelligence briefings for Biden and his team. This directive comes on the heels of Director of National Intelligence Ratciffe’s Report on certain foreign actors’ complicity in US election fraud. You may remember that the Trump Administration reluctantly acquiesced to allowing Biden and his team to begin receiving intelligence briefings about two weeks ago.

For the Biden team and the mainstream media, this must be extremely worrisome. It wasn’t even a week ago when these same people had to be thinking it wouldn’t be long until Trump conceded the election. There is no doubt that Biden and Harris were probably overjoyed at the prospect of being able to abort the next steps of their coup attempt.

(L-R) President Donald J. Trump, Former Vice President Joe Biden

As we all know, the mainstream media, social media and big tech, RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), the Deep State bureaucracy, etc., are riding the coattails of the Biden team. All of the aforementioned were likely poised for a smooth ride ahead that would take them all the way to the White House. Or so they thought. The joy they once felt had to be inexplicable. Sure they’re aware of damage they’ve caused to their own credibility. However, they probably settled themselves on the idea that it would be repaired in due time. In reality, their luck is not going to hold. Things are about to get terribly tough for Biden and his sycophants. The fact that he is no longer receiving intel briefings means that President Trump has no intention of allowing corruption into the White House so easily.

Biden is no longer receiving intel briefings for a reason. He, his team, and the Democrat Party are complicit in the fraud that has infected our recent elections. Their cooperation with bad foreign actors to throw the 2020 elections is the crime of the century. President Trump has all the evidence he needs. As the great attorney L. Lin Wood has said repeatedly about this whole rotten situation, “Every lie will be revealed.” The President cannot let this opportunity pass him by. He remembers only four short years ago being briefed on the fraudulent Steele Dossier by Comey and his henchmen. This was a briefing I’m quite sure he’s never forgotten.

At this time, President Trump is more than prepared to share HIS OWN briefing with the American people at a time he deems appropriate. The difference between his briefing and that of Satanist Deep Staters is that his will be truthful beyond the shadow of a doubt. The President has irrefutable evidence more watertight than a duck’s ass. The plausible deniability will be zero. It’s going to be glorious!

Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller
Secretary of Special Forces Ezra Cohen-Watnick

It’s no coincidence that former Green Beret Christopher C. Miller was just named Secretary of Defense by President Trump after the firing of Mark Esper. It’s also no coincidence that Ezra Cohen-Watnick was just named Secretary of Special Forces. Watnick is Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s protege. He worked under Flynn when the General was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Both Miller and Watnick have a bevy of Special Operations experience. Watnick, himself, was trained in Defense Clandestine Services by the Pentagon and was schooled by the CIA in tactics. He knows cyber warfare inside and out.

Miller and Watnick Now Command Special Ops/Forces

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