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PODCAST | Biden’s Ukraine | Victor Takacs

In a fraudulent attempt to drive the President of the United States from office, Democrats in the House ignored Joe Biden’s crimes in the Ukraine. Instead they made the most sensationalized and incredible claims pertaining to a phone call between POTUS and President Zelinsky of the Ukraine. Having failed at previous coup attempts, these reprobates pulled the trigger on an impeachment inquiry. The most entertaining thing about all of this was that it was obvious they were on a fishing expedition, and they thought they’d already caught the fish. I can assure you that they have caught no fish, because there are none of the kind they are hopelessly looking for.

One has to wonder why Nancy Pelosi finally took the bait of some of her most radical members and decided to put her weight behind an impeachment inquiry, especially since the phone call between President Trump and President Zelinsky had yet to be released at the time she did so. She was not willing to wait on the transcript. There’s something nefarious going on here. My guess is that the whistleblower is cooperating with the democrats. I could be totally wrong, but when you look at how all of this came to a head within the last week or so, it’s plain to see that something is wrong here.

Something is wrong, because the truth is not being told about Joe and Hunter Biden. It’s important to the overall health of this nation that justice be done. As US Attorney John Durham and Attorney General William Barr continue to look deeper into the extreme corruption of the Bidens in the Ukraine, the hope is that they get to the bottom of this unnerving scandalous behavior. Conservatives in this country have had just about all they can take, especially after the Fake Russia Investigation Hoax. The fightback has begun. Forget the democrats. Have a sense of humor when it comes to their idiotic frame jobs. Like the little kids they are, they are not to be taken seriously at all. Literally, they are to be laughed at and/or ignored.

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