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Cancel Culture is Officially Cancelled

Cancel Culture is Officially Cancelled | PODCAST | Victor Takacs

Those promoting Cancel Culture are the beneficiaries of much praise from democrats these days. These “brave Cancel Culture Warriors” are mostly white, young rioters who grew up with screens in their faces a good 8 to 10 hours a day. This screen time is partly to blame for their inability to fully understand reality. The majority of them are useful idiots for a politically motivated movement in the historic tradition of Communist intolerance and mayhem.

NYPD Officer Injured in Recent Riots on Brooklyn Bridge

Their puppeteers include the likes of George Soros, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc. All of the aforementioned are complicit in America’s current street chaos. For the vast majority of them, much of their complicity exists in their refusal to condemn the violent actions of these “brave Cancel Culture Warriors.” Their description, not mine.

I am proud to announce the fact that cancel culture is officially cancelled! It’s cancelled, because that is the desire of hundreds of millions of Americans. Even the infamous community organizer Saul Alinsky would be likely to give up on this extremely small group of ill educated morons, those that are behind this pathetic Cancel Culture. They stand for nothing except intolerance. Furthermore, their objective of crushing free speech that comes from the mouth of any American will never be tolerated in this country.

NYPD Officer Injured in Recent Riots on Brooklyn Bridge

Saul Alinsky, the patriarch of leftist protestations wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals” at the height of domestic disorder during the Vietnam War. One of his rules stated that leftists should make the establishment live according to their own rules. The Cancel Culture is officially cancelled, because upon implementation of this particular Alinsky rule, the Cancel Culture fails to live up to its own rules.

NYPD Officer Injured in Recent Riots on Brooklyn Bridge

Democrat nominee Joe Biden is the de facto leader of the Cancel Culture whether he knows it or not. He and his former boss, Barack Obama break their own rules on two occasions.

The point is this: The Cancel Culture is officially cancelled, because it is unethical, immoral, unauthoritative, anti-American and unable to live up to its own Alinskyite standards. Why care about Aliskyite standards? They are the standards of the left for protestation and resistance. My confidence in proclaiming that the Cancel Culture is officially cancelled flows from the knowledge that its cancellation is imminent no matter what I say. Any political organization or group that cannot follow their own rules is illegitimate in a democratic republic. The people of this nation will not stand for the hypocrisy.

All of these factors point directly to a Trump reelection that will confirm this wonderful cancellation of the Cancel Culture. One last time: The Cancel Culture is officially cancelled.

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