Chaos in Israel

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Chaos in Israel | Victor Takacs

Tensions in Israel are at an all-time high. As the Palestinian Terror Group, Hamas, continues to fire rockets into Israel from their bases of operation inside the Gaza Strip, clashes at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem are ongoing.

While fighting among the Israelis and the Palestinians is nothing new, rioting, destruction and vandalism at the Temple Mount tell a tale of something much bigger that is happening right before our eyes.

The modern Jewish state of Israel was created in Palestine via United Nations charter in 1948. The international community welcomed this charter, as it was viewed as recompense for the hell of the Holocaust during the Second World War. Palestine was given to the Jewish people (The Hebrews), specifically Abraham, by God. During approximately a thousand years of the Jewish diaspora from the land promised to them by God in Palestine, Islamic Arabs moved into the region.

Today, these Arabs are called Palestinians, because they made their new homes in the land of Palestine absent a once dynamic Jewish population in the region. Zionism, which was promoted by the likes of Theodore Herzl as early as 1896, was a driving force behind massive Jewish migration back to Palestine.

The 1948 U.N. establishment of Israel only served to further the interests of Zionism via the resettlement of Palestine by Jewish peoples. Since then, a powder-keg wrought with constant religious and cultural clashes have served the interests of the International Satanic Cabal or Deep State. Where there is division and hate, Satan is indeed present.

Forget the Palestinian and Israeli labels. Those are constructs of division and hate perpetuated by evil ones among us. Israelis are just as much Palestinians as Arabs in the region, because their home is in Palestine.

The truth is this: there are elements of both sides that have been hijacked by Satan so as to fuel internal and external never-ending conflict in the region.

Hamas is evil. They control the Palestinian people and steer them toward war via propaganda and hate. Very soon, they will be wiped out.

The Israeli Deep State is evil. Like our CIA, elements of Mossad (Israeli Intelligence) are run by the Satanic Cabal. Very soon, they too will be wiped out.

The enemy of us all is well entrenched on both sides of every struggle the world over. They hide behind labels so as to conceal the true origin of our wars.

This is the BIG LIE! Fall for it NO LONGER! BELIEVE NOT their propaganda. We are not Hamas, Mossad, CIA, Palestinian, Israeli, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Democrat, Republican, etc. We are one human race who fight each other, because we have an allegiance to labels created by people who work for Satan.

The Temple Mount is an extremely holy site to Jews, Christians and Muslims. There are ongoing clashes happening there, because it is the face of division in the world.

Hate and division are being wiped out. Pull up a seat and enjoy the show. The end of this evil world as we know it is passing away. The future that stretches out before us is unimaginable in its bliss, perfection and happiness. May God continue to bless us all!

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