Chemtrails | Victor Takacs

The International Satanic Deep State Cabal has been spraying toxic chemicals into our atmosphere for years. It’s likely a major cause of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, etc. How could people do such an inhumane thing? I believe the best answer to that question has been perfectly coined by President Trump himself: “These people are sick. ” They truly are. We are literally talking about psychopaths and murderers among us. What won’t they do? These, after all, are the same people who worship Satan. Their Chemtrail Programs are designed for population control. Moreover, they are designed to keep us dependent on a healthcare system and pharmaceutical industry that rakes in annual billion dollar profits for the Satanic elite who run them. Among their most popular choices of deadly metals, they enjoy spraying our atmosphere with Barium and Aluminum. The picture posted below tells you why. If you’re skeptical, then you do not fully understand black magic.


CHEMTRAILS: Video Evidence

US Air Force Chemtrails Whistle Blower Kristen Meghan

Photographs of the Interior of Aircraft Used for Spraying Chemtrails

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