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Video: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Unhinged | SOURCE: THAT’S THE POINT with Brandon via

Check out our new exclusive video footage that shows an unhinged Chris Cuomo of Fake News CNN going on a profanity-laced tirade when he becomes angered by a group of conservatives. We are calling for CNN to fire Cuomo immediately. This is unprecedented; a cable news show anchor verbally assaulting Americans in public. Unbelievable! Unless you’re brain dead, there’s no disputing CNN’s blatant bias now.

Watch Cuomo go completely off the rails once they call him Fredo. He apparently despises being called Fredo, the character in the Godfather movies, who was the much weaker of all of the brothers. More than anything, he is noticeably politically biased and motivated. Mind you, this is one of the persons who lied to the American people about the President colluding with Russia, which is not a crime, for over two years. While real problems go unreported by Fredo Cuomo, the American people have to listen to his arrogant propaganda. How this guy, Lemon, Cooper, and so many more still have a job is beyond me.

Back in the old days, someone like Chris Cuomo does not get away with this. A disgusting human being, Fredo is egotistical, full of hate and anger, and blatantly politically biased. He’s a newsman? Yea, and I’m Santa Clause. How fake can one truly be? The pathetic nature of his character can be seen in this video. More than anything, he is a loud mouthed buffoon who is incapable of reporting straight news. His psychotic nature is revealed right here. Fire him, or force him to resign.



CNN: Clown News Network

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