Border CrisisImmigration

Coming to a Town Near You: A Border Patrol Illegal Alien Dump

by Mort Collin

Border Crisis
Border Crisis

Proof of the fact that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are being released on American streets is definitive. Congress will not act on immigration, and so the Executive Branch (Homeland Security: Customs/Border Patrol) has officially run out of room to hold foreign national migrants. Now it appears that some locally elected democrat officials are more than happy to have illegals flown into their jurisdictions to be released. Why not? Votes…Votes…Votes…Votes…Votes…Votes!!! “Buuuuut illegals can’t vote,” says the young brainwashed liberal. “BULLSHIT!” says the young intelligent conservative. He continues, “Thousands of illegals vote in every federal election, and while there are many who do not, think of their children and grandchildren born here in the US. Birthright citizenship, also known as chain migration, guarantees a form of amnesty for thousands, many of whom not yet born.”

Migrant Caravans Like These Have Overwhelmed America’s Southern Border

This Audio from the Mark Levin Show Tells All:

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