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Donald Trump Tax Returns


Donald Trump Tax Returns | Victor Takacs

LOOK! The Department of the Treasury has been under intense pressure from the Democrats to release the famous Donald Trump tax returns. Obviously this call for the Trump tax returns is not something that is brand new as its incipience can be traced back to the presidential campaign of 2016. It has been tradition for presidents in modern times to release their tax returns during their campaigns, but there is nothing that is constitutionally binding by law that forces any presidential candidate or president to do so. Moreover, the Congress of the United States cannot compel anyone to release their tax returns to any of their committees or to the public as a whole.

The tax return saga is interesting to say the least. Democrats are obsessed with obtaining the president’s tax returns, because they’re continuing an extensive search for information they can use to smear him. We are literally dealing with a political party that is running out of options as the 2020 election approaches. Russian collusion did not work. Criminal liability for nondisclosure agreements did not work. And now it’s all about obstruction of justice, which is a farce. Moreover democrats in Congress are making every effort possible to smear President Trump. If they could just have his tax returns, they’ll be able to pin something on him.

President Trump

The United States Department of Justice has news for the Democrats in Congress. This is not the Soviet Union. This is not Red China, nor is it communist Cuba. It damn sure is not the hell hole we know as North Korea either. This happens to be the United States of America in case democrats have forgotten. In this country, no American citizen can be coerced into making his/her tax returns available to committees of Congress or to the American public. To believe otherwise is a gross misinterpretation of the United States Constitution and the American citizen’s right to privacy. Never forget that those on the left will act as if they champion the Constitution, but they do not. Instead they are tyrannical in their tearing down of liberty and rights afforded to every American citizen by the US Constitution.

In a recent 33 page decision, US attorneys within the department of justice made it extremely clear that the department of the treasury is by no means to be coerced into handing over President Trump’s tax returns to anyone. Case closed! This is a well written decision that will definitely stand should court proceedings ensue. So impure and demented are the Democrats that they have convinced themselves that they are at liberty to violate the constitutional rights of Donald Trump and they have made every attempt in order to do so. One really has to wonder how he continues his fight on a daily basis. The vitriol and hatred that comes his way is one of the biggest disgraces of this republic. Why is it these people feel like they can persecute Donald Trump and violate American law in doing so?

President Trump

Have no fear! Real justice is on its way. It may move at glacial speed, but oh how mighty and powerful it is as it moves. Democrats! Stop what you are doing right now, and you may be able to avoid criminal prosecution. You have no right to any American citizen’s tax returns, etc. Give it up! You’re only embarrassing yourselves. Just look at the huge hit your media mouthpieces have taken in ratings.

Despite fake 2020 polling, your slide into the abyss continues. You’ve played the American people for far too long with your bullshit lies. Many millions have awoken, and they are poised to make 2020 more of a horrific nightmare for you than was 2016. You’ve done it to yourselves, because you cannot learn your lesson. We’ve tried to warn you, but as your Deep State cronies are hauled off to jail, you will seal Donald Trump’s legacy as a two term president who outwitted and outlasted the greatest political scandal in American history. What an embarrassing legacy. Congratulations!


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