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Eisen’s American Color Revolution

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Eisen’s American Color Revolution | Daniel Faeburgh | PODCAST

Norm Eisen is at the center of a color revolution here in the United States that is slated to reach its apex sometime between Election Day and Inauguration Day or shortly thereafter. Eisen’s American Color Revolution aims to strip President Donald Trump of his executive powers and drive him from office. This coup d’etat strategy is designed to take advantage of a chaotic vote counting situation propagated by mass mail-in ballots. Simultaneously, frivolous lawsuits from within the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and/or the Biden Campaign shall be numerous and ongoing. The Biden Campaign has more than 600 lawyers at the ready for court proceedings across the country.

The combination of chaos within the electoral system as well as lengthy judicial litigation from the Biden Camp serve one purpose. That purpose is to get people mobilized and out in the streets in record numbers. This is what we are currently seeing now and have been seeing since the end of May. Eisen’s American Color Revolution has been designed to become operational in response to some type of societal trigger. In this particular situation, it appears as though that trigger has been the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police.


By day, protesters would march peacefully, but each night brought violence, looting and arson. It didn’t take the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security long to identify the organizational networks that have been fueling the nightly madness. The biggest culprits are ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. Both of these groups are self-proclaimed Communists, and it’s for this reason that many Americans are questioning the Democrats’ seemingly close ties to them.

The anarchist actions of these organizations have been a buoy to President Trump’s poll numbers in recent weeks. It’s clear now that the Democrats have miscalculated the effects of their mobilization of these protesters turned rioters. Norm Eisen’s involvement in the effort is more evidence of the fact that the Democrats, or at least a rogue group of Democrats, are puppeteers in this whole saga. Eisen has always been known as a Democrat hit-man. Former Ethics Czar for Obama, he was also general counsel to the Democrats during the Fake Impeachment Operation. Moreover, Eisen has been at the center of hundreds of lawsuits filed against President Trump throughout his now almost four years as President of the United States.

Eisen’s American Color Revolution is running a course of action similar to that of the color revolutions familiar to this nation’s national security apparatchiks. Norm Eisen is a seasoned veteran of the color revolution playbook; so much so that he has literally written a book called The Playbook. It’s quite apparent that his involvement in the color revolutions of Eastern European nations such as Ukraine has inspired his present actions here in the US.


Democrat Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris’ donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund are no secret. To be clear, this Fund was used to bail out rioters in Minneapolis in late May and in early June. Thirteen Biden Campaign staffers also donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Norm Eisen’s American Color Revolution is just the latest indictment of the Democrats for their involvement in the riots that have gripped this nation for approximately four months now.

I know he’s worthless, but it sure would be nice if FBI Director Christopher Wray could, for once, actually serve the interests of the American people by looking into this. Instead he’s too busy hiding exculpatory evidence that exonerates political prisoners like Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. That Obama cult of personality is something to behold; I tell you what! This might be a good time for someone to inform the disciples of Obama that they may want to consider the implications of continuing to follow the man. One cannot be too sure of the former President’s final destination. Marching in lockstep behind the most corrupt president in US history doesn’t point to a happy ending for disciples of Obama…just sayin’.

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