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El Pres Trump Interview

El Pres Trump Interview | Victor Takacs

Free State of V’s slogan is Real Talk for Real People. This is exactly what you get here. The El Pres Trump Interview slices right through the bullshit. It reveals an authentic conversation between the President of the United States and El Pres of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy. The reality of an interview such as this is that Trump is given the opportunity to communicate directly to the American people free of the typical liberal media mob spin.

Forget the typical American news networks. Their credibility at this point has all but disappeared. I’ll take a Dave Portnoy interview of the President over a Jim Acosta interview any day of the week and twice on Sundays! Network “pseudo-reporters” like Jim Acosta are not real people. They are inauthentic liars and propagandists. Other inauthentic mainstream media liars and propagandists include Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Alisyn Camerota, Brian Stelter, Brooke Baldwin, Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, Ali Velshi, Chuck Todd and so many others.

The American free press is dead. This unfortunate phenomenon is not President Trump’s doing. On the contrary, it is resultant of the malfeasance of this nation’s major news networks. A press that is free is one that is truthful.

This El Pres Trump Interview was sorely needed. We’re all aware of the fact that if Biden is elected president in November, this country is headed straight to hell in a hand basket. We must fight like hell to make sure that doesn’t happen. I am so appreciative to Dave Portnoy for conducting this interview. A major media influence, Portnoy’s Barstool Sports exposes President Trump to younger generations of Americans who are perhaps inclined to care more about sports than politics. Therefore, it can be easy for them to fall victim to mainstream media garbage pertinent to politics.

The real Dave Portnoy gives us a very real perspective on the real Donald Trump. This is the epitome of real talk for real people.

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