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Epstein Victim Gives Bill Clinton Massage

Epstein Victim Gives Bill Clinton Massage | Victor Takacs

On the heels of a tremendously drab first night for the Democrat National Convention, DailyMail.com released some interesting photos. They feature an Epstein victim giving Bill Clinton a massage. A previously recorded speech of the 41st President of the United States (Bill Clinton) is slated to air during the convention tonight. These newly released, never before seen photos show Clinton getting a neck and shoulder massage from Jeffrey Epstein victim Chauntae Davies. According to the Daily Mail, they were taken in 2002 when Davies was 22 and Clinton 56. They show Bill Clinton leaning back and looking very relaxed during the massage at a small airport in Portugal. Stopping there to refuel, Davies, Clinton, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and others were on their way back from a humanitarian trip to Africa.

Apparently the former President was complaining of a stiff neck after having fallen asleep on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express.’ Just prior to the massage, he asked Davies, “Would you mind giving it a crack?” Subsequently thereafter, at the urging of the then 58 year old Ghislaine Maxwell, Chauntae Davies proceeded to massage Clinton’s neck and shoulders. She was, at the time, a massage therapist.

Chauntae Davies denies that there was ever any sexual contact between she and Bill Clinton. The public has known that the two had had nonsexual contact with each other, but these never before seen photos are indeed raising eyebrows and churning up suspicions.

The Democrat National Convention last night ushered in some of the lowest viewership ratings of any major party’s political convention in recent history. Therefore the Democrat National Committee is trying to decide if it will air the previously recorded Bill Clinton speech. Already underwater and gasping for air, the worst thing the dying party could do is put a “Me Too” perpetrator front and center for all of America to see. The Democrat Party is already rife with contradictions and hypocrisy. A Slick Willie speech to follow Michelle Obama’s faux lecture last night would be an asinine decision. It would likely blow cover on the Dems and their fake new “high and mighty” narrative. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens. We shall see!

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