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The Free State of V Podcast | Daniel Faeburgh

The mainstream media are the enemies of the state! What if the things we are hearing and the information we are receiving about American politics is not true? Could this be possible? Absolutely. Have we really ever asked ourselves whether or not the contemporary mainstream description of the Republican Party is true? In fact, what is the true history of the Republican Party? Is the Republican Party truly a racist, bigoted political machine? Perhaps surprising to many, the answer is a resounding “No!” Are democrats so much more compassionate to all Americans, especially the poor? The answer here, once again is a resounding “No!” However liberals typically respond with an answer of “Yes!” because they subscribe to the idea that compassionate politicians are those who take other people’s money (the American taxpayer) and redistribute via a social welfare system that encourages treacherous permanent dependence on elected leaders for handouts.

Weren’t we told Hillary Clinton had not broken the law by purposefully using a private server for email communications? Wasn’t it the mainstream media who predicted a Hillary Clinton presidential victory in 2016? Did they not tell us that Donald Trump, his family, and so many within his campaign would soon be going to jail because of their collusion with Russia? Wouldn’t the Special Counsel Investigation headed by Robert Mueller end the Trump Presidency? Were we not told that Trump had broken the law (specifically as it relates to the Federal Election Commission or FEC) by entering into financial nondisclosure agreements with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal? Didn’t many within the media worship the ground that slip and fall ambulance chasing attorney Michael Avenatti (lawyer for Stormy Daniels) walked on? Wasn’t it he, who was thought by media leftists like Brian Stelter (CNN), to be the next democrat nominee for president in 2020? The Free State of V Podcast exposes liberals for who they really are.

  • by Free State of V
    Solve et coagula is Latin for dissolve and coagulate. In a recent letter written by Archbishop Carlo Vigano to President Trump, the archbishop specifically uses this phrase to describe "a world without freedom." This is exactly what the Democrat Marxists are trying to accomplish. There is a struggle between good and evil that is playing out before our eyes on a daily basis here in the United States. Solve et coagula was a common description of alchemy during the Middle Ages. Alchemy is the process of trying to make gold via chemical means. Such a perfect metal however can only […]
  • by Free State of V
    OPEN MEMORANDUM To: Barack Hussein Obama From: Sidney Powell Date: May 13, 2020 Re: Your Failure to Find Precedent for Flynn Dismissal Regarding the decision of the Department of Justice to dismiss charges against General Flynn, in your recent call with your alumni, you expressed great concern: “there is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free. That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk.” Here […]
  • by Free State of V
    Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was unmasked nearly 50 times by 39 Obama Administration officials throughout December 2016 and January 2017. UN Ambassador Samantha Power unmasked him seven times. She must have a counting problem, because when she was asked by a reporter in 2019 whether or not she unmasked Flynn, she denied it. In other words, Samantha Power thinks 0=7. One of the most devastating things I have ever seen in my life is the prolific lying and partisan games that are being played by politicians. This has become such a big problem in this country that it is even […]
  • by Free State of V
    Michael Flynn is now free. Spygate Victims: Lt. Gen Michael Flynn is the first in a series of episodes brought to you exclusively by Free State of V. We are looking at the worst abuse of power in presidential politics in United States history. This surpasses Watergate because of the enormity of parties involved, including the complicit leftist socialist politically biased lame stream media. Moreover it kicks the dust up on Watergate, because it is the one and only time America has dealt with an attempted coup d'etat against a President of the United States. Spygate Victims: Lt. Gen. Michael […]
  • by Free State of V
    This is Peak Week! As Americans continue to deal with all of the inconveniences that the Wuhan Coronavirus has created, hope abounds. How fitting it is that this hope comes to us during Holy Week. My hope is that history emphasizes the fact that Peak Week will have coincided with Holy Week. This year's promise of hope on Easter has new meaning; a more pronounced meaning. What Exactly is Peak Week? Doctors and other health officials have predicted that the Wuhan Coronavirus mortality rate here in America is likely to reach its daily maximum on Easter Sunday. In any pandemic, […]
  • by Free State of V
    Brendan Carr, a member of the Federal Communications Commission, recently sent a letter to Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA). In his letter, he outlined his concerns of a House Intelligence Committee gone rogue during the impeachment hearings. The chairman of the House Intel Committee is Adam Schiff. With reckless abandon, this is a man obsessed with the President of the United States. He’ll stop at nothing in making attempt after attempt to force him from office. The man will even break the law to accomplish this sick, twisted, and obsessive task. “Chairman Schiff has been collecting Americans’ private call records through […]
  • by Free State of V
    Vindman Calls Eric Ciaramella | PODCAST EPISODE 16 | Daniel Faeburgh Idiotic democrats have made massive political miscalculations as of late. Choosing to go forward with impeachment just so happens to be one of many of those particular miscalculations. Not only did they drag the nation through an extremely partisan impeachment saga, but they helped elevate the approval rating of President Trump. Uhinged and quite psychotic, their rage toward the President is no match for the political cunning of the Donald. They will come to regret their actions and decisions as time passes. Moreover the cooperation between Adam Schiff (D-CA), […]
  • by Free State of V
    Can anyone identify the ingredients of the infamous Nancy Pelosi cocktail? Go ahead. Take a guess. I do not have the answer, but I'd like to take a stab at it. This is my take. Pelosi gets loaded on one to two, or possibly three bottle(s) of California Napa Valley wine on a nightly basis. Like a shotgun, she’s cocked and ready to go. However as the Speaker knows full well by now, what goes up must come down. Granted, alcohol is indeed a downer (depressant), but the euphoria it can cause on the front end of a “Queen Pelosi” […]
  • by Free State of V
    Republican Talking Points | Daniel Faeburgh Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz is set to release his report on crimes committed by the Intelligence Community when they spied on Trump’s campaign, transition, and presidency. Sources are saying that the over 500 page report is likely to be released Monday, November 18th. What will be interesting will be how the mainstream media and their liberal friends react to it all. Unethically negligent in their reporting on the Deep State, the mainstream media are complicit in what is likely to be a major shock to millions of Americans. These sycophants will […]
  • by Free State of V
    Can we get these guys a Pulitzer Prize? This episode of the podcast lays bare the truth about Ukraine, the President's phone call, and the new Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Hoax. Thanks to the award-winning reporting from John Solomon, the Washington Examiner, Breitbart, Red State, Conservative Review, etc., the American people are still able to get the truth. This is investigative journalism at its finest. Sadly impeachment favorability numbers are at their highest level. Help us to disseminate the truth in order to subvert the rogue democrat party in the US House of Representatives. Please share this podcast with everyone you're able […]



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