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Houston Astros News Videos  by Joseph Scodney

Best Double Play of the Season?

Somebody please get these ladies a calendar.  Thirsty Thursday was a couple days ago, they are running a little late.  It seems as if these two Houston Astros fans are fond of Alex Bregman, 3rd baseman of the Houston Astros.  They attended the Astros vs LA Angels game on Saturday evening and held up a sign that read, “Alex, your next double play is right here.”  I cannot exactly figure out what they mean by this…let us get a little help from our buddy Lawrence.

Ohhh.  I get it now.  But…


Do they not know that he wasn’t drafted until the 29th round out of high school? Or do they just not care?

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Do they not know he never hit more than 9 home runs in a single season in college? Or do they just not care?

Best Double Play of the Season?

Have they ever seen this commercial?  Or do they just not care? This is one of the millions of videos, news or otherwise, featuring Houston Astros third baseman, Alex Bregman.


Best double play of the season? Perhaps they may want to rethink their signage. 

What sport do the Houston Astros play and of what league do they belong?

The Houston Astros play baseballBest Double Play of the Season?. They are members of West Division of the American League of Major League Baseball.

Best Double Play of the Season?

When did the Astros begin playing baseball in the Major Leagues?

The Astros began playing in the Major Leagues as an expansion team in 1962. The New York Mets were also an expansion team that very same year. The Astros were the Colt 45s from 1962 through 1964. To match the City of Houstons new space theme with the arrival of NASAs Johnson Space Center and Mission Control, the organization renamed the team the Astros for the 1965 season. That very same year the Astros moved out of the mosquito infested 20,000 seat temporary stadium known as Colt Stadium to move into the Astrodome. Known as the 8th Wonder of the World, the Houston Astrodome was the first air conditioned domed stadium in the history of the world. The Astros played there until the end of the 1999 season.

Best Double Play of the Season?

What championships have the Houston Astros won? When did they win them?

*NOTE* – The Houston Astros are the only Major League Baseball team to have won league championships, also known as pennants, for both the National League in 2005 and the American League in 2017.

Wild Card Berths
2004 NL
2005 NL
2015 AL
National League West Division Championships
National League Central Division Championships
American League West Division Championships
National League Championships
American League Championships
World Series Championships

Best Double Play of the Season?

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