ICE Advisory

Cities Slated for ICE Raids

ICE Advisory | Victor Takacs

Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be conducting raids in 10 major US cities this weekend. Those slated to be deported have not complied with their court dates or have orders of removal. The Trump Administration has ordered these raids since democrats in the Congress refuse to do anything to improve current immigration law. Time is up!

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Let’s be clear here. The Congress legislates (makes law). ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is an agency of the Executive Branch. They are tasked with enforcing the law. Current US law states that it is illegal to come into this country without authorization from government officials. This is no different from other foreign nations. A sovereign nation has every right to know the identity of every person coming across our borders for national security purposes and the overall safety of all of our citizens.

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