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Innocent Until Proven Guilty Video

Innocent Until Proven Guilty Video | Victor Takacs

At the very core of the justice system here in America is the proposition that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. This is extremely important, because it goes to the heart of human rights, especially the rights of those among us accused of committing crimes. Although one may be arrested and charged with a crime, this person has a right to defend him or herself in a court of law. Every American is entitled to their due process rights. Otherwise people all over the country would be convicted based on hearsay, etc. Any person with a brain in their head and a beating heart in their chest knows damn well that being accused of participating in criminal activity does not necessarily mean that you actually did so. The ideal of being innocent until proven guilty is under threat today. It must be safeguarded at all costs. This is no more clear than in this Innocent Until Proven Guilty Video.

The democrats are fighting hard to fundamentally change the American Justice System. According to them, if you do not share their political beliefs, you may be deemed guilty until proven innocent. It’s relatively easy for them to convict people in the court of public opinion when the justice system has not convicted them in a court of law. This is because they control the media narrative. The prospect of being innocent until proven guilty was on hiatus during both the FBI and the Special Counsel investigations into President Trump and Russian collusion. When the Special Counsel’s team had concluded that the President did not cooperate with the Russian government in making sure the 2016 Election benefited him, the media kept it up. To this day, no major mainstream media outlet has apologized for the constant barrage of convictions of the President intended to smear him on a daily basis.

United States Attorney General William Barr

It’s appalling that the Obama Department of Justice was weaponized to convict President Trump as early as the very day he announced his candidacy for the presidency. The US Department of Justice is in Bad Shape after 10 Years of Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and Jeff Sessions. A.G. Barr is on Clean Up Duty and is Raising Expectations on the heels of both the Durham and Horowitz Reports. Although there have been delays in ending both investigations, they are finally almost done. Those truly guilty will face true American justice, even after they watched the President pay for their sins in the court of public opinion. Innocent until proven guilty is a hallmark of American justice. Shame on the communists who did what they did, all because of politics.

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