Jason Whitlock on Useful Idiots in SportsSports

Jason Whitlock on Useful Idiots in Sports

Jason Whitlock on Useful Idiots in Sports | Victor Takacs

Mark Levin welcomed Jason Whitlock onto his radio show to discuss our nation’s current sports crisis. Whitlock and Clay Travis recently forged a partnership over at outkick.com, and I must say, that is one hell of a site. I highly encourage you to check it out.

I also encourage you to take a look at the Mark Levin Podcast. A rock solid constitutional conservative, Levin is known as the “Great One” for a reason. The combination of his vast political knowledge and unceasing love of country makes this one of the best podcasts in the nation. You’ll receive more of an education listening to his show for a semester than you would at a university.

I digress. So what exactly is this sports crisis I speak of? The extremely knowledgeable Jason Whitlock explains it much better than anyone I’ve ever heard try to explain it. It’s quite complicated, because it involves so many different things working in concert to create the perfect storm.

In a nutshell, Whitlock describes the American sports world and its quest to become more of a global phenomenon as well as the consequences resultant of such a quest. In furtherance of his explanation, he states that athletes who typically lack knowledge pertinent to global public policy, etc., become useful idiots for the Marxist/Communist cause. These athletes are of course, typically fooled into doing so, because the culture of the American Left has infiltrated the NBA and the NFL. Both leagues dress up the Marxist cause as a racial justice movement to hide said cause’s true identity. Furthermore, money talks, and when Communist China enters the fray with its almost infinite demand, heads turn the other way with a quickness.

Whitlock gets into the weeds of all of this. It’s truly fascinating! Without further adieu, Jason Whitlock on Useful Idiots in Sports…

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