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Jessica Cisneros for Congress

Jessica Cisneros for Congress | Joseph Scodney

There’s no doubt that Henry Cuellar may in fact have his hands full. Jessica Cisneros has arrived on scene, and she is poised to win a democrat primary against Cuellar for representation of the 28th congressional district of Texas. Rep. Cuellar (D-TX) has been in the Congress for fifteen years. While he is a democrat, he is also pro-life, pro-gun, and fairly conservative for the most part. As the democrats go nowadays, Mr. Cuellar is the most conservative of all of them in the Congress. Voting with President Trump 70% of the time, it’s feasible that Cisneros could pull off the upset against the congressman. Citizens within this district may not know how much Cuellar has consistently voted with Trump and the Republicans, but if Jessica Cisneros can drill down on this, perhaps democrats in the district scratch their heads and get behind her.

Jessica Cisneros for Congress
Texas’ 28th Congressional District

Is she the new AOC? There are definitely shared characteristics between Jessica Cisneros and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They are both Hispanic women who are avowed socialists, and both are also in their mid 20s. The fundamental difference to me however, is that AOC is a bitch. Her and her squad have resting bitch faces (RBFs) for days, and they appear to have all been stricken by a permanent case of PMS. Jessica Cisneros seems to be fairly respectful and nice. This to me seems to be evident in the above Jessica Cisneros for Congress Video.


Henry Cuellar is a good man, and he has our endorsement. In a district like that, you have to run as a democrat. Once the republican label is slapped on politicians, people pull their support and endorsements. If Congressman Cuellar could run as a republican, I’m sure he would. There can be no doubt that media propaganda is the culprit of this phenomenon.

The interesting thing about Texas and other states with big Hispanic populations is that not so long ago it was deemed they would go blue sooner rather than later if they were still red. The liberals have miscalculated. President Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics is growing and could possibly be as high as about 48% at the present time. If this holds, Texas should be red for at least a hundred more years.

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