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A Joe Biden Presidency Could Drag America so far Downward Economically, Socially, Morally, Ethically, Etc., that her Prospects for Survival in the Thereafter Would Become Nonexistent.

This is the Real Joe Biden

Joe Biden Senile | Victor Takacs

Donald Trump and the GOP are saying Joe Biden is senile. Is this fair, or is it just another vast right wing conspiracy hatched to reelect the most corrupt president in modern time? It would appear that Joe Biden is in fact senile, and will likely lose to Trump. It is for this reason that if you’re a democrat, you’re likely worried. Victory for Biden is also worrisome for millions of other Americans, regardless of party affiliation because of his apparent senility. Can you imagine a president forgetting where the nuclear codes are kept? Alarming to say the least! To newsmen like Fox News’ own Brit Hume, “Biden’s gaffes are piling up. He appears to be approaching senility.” And Trump corrupt? Haha! Please. He’s a totally innocent man who’s been completely railroaded by the democrats for over 3 years now. I think we know where the real corruption is.

Biden on Repeat

Cenk Uygur’s Take on Bernie v. Biden

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks had some terse words for establishment democrats on the night of Super Tuesday. As a Bernie Sanders supporter, the Biden comeback does not sit well with Uygur. He blasts the mainstream media for their protection of Biden despite him appearing to be senile, aloof, and gaffe prone. He’s right! Trump supporters know exactly how the media operates. It’s their way or the highway, and if you’re on the highway, chances are you’re frustrated. We no longer have a free press in this country. Mainstream liberal democrats have hijacked it to spread their propaganda and to push their agenda. Here is what Cenk Uygur said.


It’s not over. Now we’re in a tie. And now we got absolute dig-in warfare against the establishment. But we didn’t start the war. They’ll lie about it again. We didn’t start the war. They started the war. They’ve been lying about Bernie since — for God’s sake! On Castro. I could give you a thousand examples.

Bernie Sanders said the same exact thing as Obama. Everyone on TV is lying, like, ‘Oh my God. What an outrageous thing that Bernie Sanders said. Obama said the same thing. No, shut up, don’t cover it! Don’t cover it! Don’t cover it! Obama said the same thing! Is Obama pro-Fidel Castro? Same exact thing. God damn it, tell the truth. God damn it, tell the truth. If you’re not going to do it we’re going to do it, okay?

So you want to go to war? We’ll go to war. And that is what this is. We cannot let Biden win. Guys, not just on progressives versus establishment. This is so important that I need you to understand this: Biden is not going to beat Trump. Biden is either near senile or actually senile. Watch any of the tapes. And Biden lies nonstop. He is going to get caught! Okay, the media is covering for him but they’re not going to be able to cover when the Republicans come for him and when Trump comes for him. He’s not going to beat Trump!

On one of his visits to Cuba, President Obama is photographed in front of a Che Guevara mural. An avowed Socialist Marxist Communist, Che Guevara fought alongside Fidel Castro in the 1959 communist revolution in Cuba. He was responsible for for the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

Words, Actions Point to Senility

Unfortunately we do not know for sure if Biden is senile. It is also likely that the former vice president and his family do not know either. Biden last released his medical records in 2008 when he was the vice presidential candidate on the Obama ticket. Those particular records reflected a clean bill of health for Joe Biden at the time.

However, in 1988 the former vice president was rushed to the hospital for a cranial aneurysm. During emergency neurological surgery a second aneurysm was discovered and extracted. As far as we know, Joe Biden has had no additional cranial aneurysm(s) since this incident in 1988. He is currently seventy-six years old. The possibility of the onset of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s for a person who is Biden’s age is a very real thing. While it’s true that Biden’s gaffes are nothing new, I believe the former vice president may have something else going on; something that perhaps only physicians can discover. He’s not just making minor gaffes anymore. They’re more constant and exaggerated.

More Evidence Biden is Senile

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been a formidable opponent for his democrat colleagues throughout the campaign. Now only he, Bernie, and Tulsi Gabbard remain in the race as they vie for the democrat nomination. Of course Gabbard has about a snowball’s chance in hell of beating the other two. Therefore the B Men (Bernie and Biden) are all set to play leading roles in America’s newest shit show. Can the senile Biden maintain the momentum he garnered in his Super Tuesday comeback? The Bernie Bros don’t seem to think so, and perhaps it’s because the mainstream media are working overtime to create a new version of the former vice president. They’re attempting to paint a caricature of Biden that has him bearing a political resemblance to George H.W. Bush more than Barack Obama. Joe Biden has been and remains extremely liberal.

Long Road Ahead

The problem for Uncle Joe now, as he tries to secure his party’s nomination, is not as much his political positioning on the issues. In other words, that will play more of a pivotal role in the general election as opposed to the primaries. It’s his mental acuity or lack thereof that threatens his viability as a candidate at this stage in the game. With all due respect, it begs the question, “Is Joe Biden senile?” Unfortunately, once again, we are not privy to his medical records. However a diagnosis is not necessary for electability purposes. The voters’ perceptions are all that matter. This is why Biden may not beat Sanders and will not beat Trump.

Throughout the public service career of Biden, he’s made some gaffes and has stumbled through some speeches. This is why people continue to ask, “Is Joe Biden senile?” In addition, Joe Biden has some issues with policy that could potentially derail his bid in the general, should he get that far. In recent speeches he’s been dead wrong on some very important issues. He’s downplayed the threat of China to the United States and has claimed that 24 states have led on legislation within their respective representative assemblies to suppress the vote. Moreover this voter suppression, he claims, is aimed at “people of color.” It’s the same song, different verse for Joe Biden and his democrat party as a whole. They use identity politics to create division and fear among the American People.

Really Mr. Biden? Voter Suppression?

I mean, come on! Is Joe Biden senile? The truth is that these 24 states are trying their very best to purge their voter rolls of illegal immigrants, dead people, etc., so as to tamp down on voter fraud. Every time a fraudulent vote is cast, an American citizen is disenfranchised.

Democrats harp on voter suppression; taking away a citizen’s vote by allowing a non-citizen or dead person to vote is the very definition of voter suppression. In addition it’s unconstitutional. Similarly, Joe Biden claims that the greatest gift to mankind is the ability to vote. Mark Levin’s response to Biden on this is that our greatest gift is not our ability to vote; our greatest gift is life itself. Levin continues by making another valid point: democrats like Joe Biden cannot espouse the gift of life as the greatest gift of all, because they support murder via infanticide. Levin is 100% correct. 

Biden is 77. Sanders is 78. Damn! Their Teeth Still Look Good Though.

Consistent with the Theme of Biden being Senile, I Posit: “Perhaps Former Vice President Joe Biden’s Teeth Wanted Out of his Dirty Old Mouth Just Like I Want him out of this Presidential Race.”

Joe Biden’s Dentures are Wanting to Drop Out. Will he do the Same?

For those of you who think you’re cute and funny when you tell denture jokes and impugn Joe Biden for his age, do the world a favor and try not to be so disrespectful. Have you no shame? How is it that we’ve even come to this point in our sick and twisted world? Is it because we’re all blinded by the enormity of outrage over race, saving the planet, transgender rights, illegal immigration, etc.? All of the aforementioned, to be sure, have aspects about them that are problematic and need some attention, but what about ageism?

I firmly believe the great Joe Biden is the leader we are looking for in our battle against ageism. But let’s be honest here, Joe Biden may eventually drop out, much like his teeth. Sorry! I know what I said, but sometimes it’s hard to hold back. After all, this is Geriatric Joe. He’s a soft target. Unfortunately, he appears to be ill-equipped for engaging in fighting ageism, or pretty much anything else for that matter. A fair question here is the one we continue to ask. It’s monotonous to be sure, but curiosity abounds. Without an explanation of his actions, the more curious we all become. So is he? Is Joe Biden senile?

Geriatric Joe

It’s not front page news, but it’s definitely “front page worthy material.” Geriatric Joe Biden has had his share of gaffes throughout the campaign. You’ve seen some throughout this piece right here. He is old, and quite frankly, not very intelligent. We all know he can’t beat Trump in 2020, and the idea of facing him in the general election is exciting and terrifying at the same time. If his gaffes are any indication of his dementia and senility, things aren’t necessarily looking too good for him.

These are the only five things that could destroy Biden’s opportunity to become the 46th President of the United States. They are as follows:

  • He tries to use stats that favor his electability but gets them wrong.
  • A living, breathing human being runs against Biden for in the General Election. In other words, he does not run uncontested. Even the 1976 version of Gerald Ford, the ire of countless millions for pardoning Nixon, can beat this Joe Biden.
  • The former vice president is indicted and charged for bribery in the Ukrainian Burisma Scandal.
  • He appears to be senile.
  • Biden accidentally calls Fox News’ Chris Wallace “Chuck.”

Personal Story about Joe Biden’s Debate Performance

I’m sitting in my living room the night of a recent democrat debate, and all of a sudden on the TV, I see Joe Biden fumble his set (of dentures) but retain possession for all 56 viewers worldwide to see. Like a shot through the heart, and Senile Biden’s to blame, the majority of my house guests start laughing uncontrollably. I yell, “Holy shit! Is Joe Biden senile?” My bro David snaps. He loses his shit. He becomes psychotic. Ladies and gentlemen, he literally appears to have some type of out of body experience. In that moment, he is the reincarnation of Patches O’Houlihan.

Like an aggressive drunk on a bender back at the Stumble Inn with his buddies; similar to a mean old dodge ball coach in a wheelchair, he goes absolutely berserk. David begins picking up every item in sight only to hurl each one toward everyone in my living room. When it’s over, the violence of the event is palpable. As the President would say, “Not good.” And all of this because of Joe Biden’s apparent dementia! Can you imagine? It happens.

David is a liberal, and he obviously did not take kindly to our participation in the hilarity of Biden fumbling his set of fake teeth. David, like other liberals, just cannot cope with the fact that Joe Biden is senile. They think we don’t know, but we’re not as dumb as they are. Therefore when they know that we know, they lose their grip on reality.


Coach Patches’ Action Identical to David’s Actions

Is David in Jail Yet?

If He Ain’t He Oughta Be

The avoidance of detection by law enforcement since the night in question has been a challenge for David. However, he has indeed been able to evade capture thus far. The long and short of it all is that David was triggered. Sometimes triggers can be MAGA hats, and other times they’re bouts of hilarity and entertainment via Joe Biden’s fake teeth. As you can see, politics is serious business, especially for David.


In conclusion, is Joe Biden senile? It’s definitely a possibility. Exhibit A: He is a race baiting political hack who has no grasp of what sound foreign policy looks like. He’s a fraud as he claims to be a Roman Catholic but is a proponent of the biggest human rights violation of our time, abortion. Joe Biden is incoherent. He barely makes sense when he speaks, and he says some off the wall things. Soon enough, Biden will be the latest politician to be manhandled, chewed up, and spit out by President Trump. Please take a look at the following video clips to understand fully who Joe Biden is:

2020 Presidential Campaign: Joe Biden is Incoherent, Inept, Likely Senile, or has dementia and is Unworthy of the Presidency. See for Yourself:

Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) in 1993 : Racist Predators on Streets Speech on Floor of US Senate

Joe Biden : Racist Slight Indian Accent Statement

Uncle Joe Creepy Montage

March 12, 2019: Uncle Joe Continues to Flirt with Presidential Run in Bizarre Speech

More Joe Biden Racism

Biden Gaffe on ’12 Campaign Trail : “They Gon Put Y’all Back in Chains!

Back Before CNN was Completely in the Tank: Their Report on Uncle Joe

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