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Imagine an America that shuts people up. Imagine the Bill of Rights being shred by a satanic cabal. Imagine this nation being controlled by a sick, twisted and abhorrently disgusting group of elite rich snobs. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s no need to imagine the reality that is. That’s right! All of the aforementioned exists in the here and now. Moreover, the operations of these subhuman cockroaches here have been occurring for decades, but the problem is that it gets worse; much worse.

Juan O. Savin
“Let the Children Come to Me”

Jesus Christ himself said, “Let the children come to me.” No human demographic is more innocent and pure than are children. It is for this reason that our pathetic elitist politicians have targeted them for their own sick and pathetic selfish intentions. Diabolical are they as the handmaids of Satan himself, who has designs so deceitful that harm the most indefensible of us. Perhaps however, harm is too soft a word to use here.


Juan O. Savin Tells it Like it is

Juan O. Savin is a patriot. An avowed Trump supporter, he, like most of us, is fighting for the America we thought we were living in.

These psychotic people sexually abuse, traffic for profit, psychologically control and murder children. And exactly who are they doing it for? You guessed it; themselves and Satan. In ritualized bloodletting sacrifices, children from infants to teenagers must grotesquely endure torcher one cannot even begin to fathom.

Juan O. Savin
Juan O. Savin’s New Book

Just before you go around announcing that this is some bullshit conspiracy, I would ask that you do some worthwhile research. And screw the likes of Fox News, Newsmax, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Vox, Yahoo News, Politico, the Huffington Post, Pro-Publica, the BBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. If you believe half the shit being spewed from these people’s disgusting mouths, perhaps your problems go further than your conspiracy theory labels.


Your first step should be to find reliable sources for your news. Furthermore, your considerations of just who exactly the real conspiracy theorists are need to be evaluated. Most of the reporters, writers, anchors, producers, etc., who represent these trash media conglomerates are bought and paid for by the CIA and/or the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s time the beating around the bush stops. Like Juan O. Savin, it’s important we all tell it like it is.

Wake Up

Joe Biden is not the President of the United States. Were he, we’d all be in tremendously deep shit. You are watching a movie. The United States military that numbers approximately 30,000 strong on Capitol Hill is not there to protect US government assets and facilities from supposed right-wing mobs. On the contrary, they have been deputized to arrest and oversee activities involving Deep State Satanists, both Democrat and Republican.

Making Sense of it All with Juan O. Savin

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  1. I think today was my perfect day and I wanted to share it with you. I had an argument with my roommate the night before and he sent me a couple of ANGRY texts in the morning. I wasn’t sure what to do, I didn’t want to hurt anyone but I didn’t want to get hurt either. So I asked the Lord what I should do and then I called his brother. He answered back with kind words and I felt peace of the Lord come upon me. I had been working on a project and worked on it throughout the day. Early afternoon, got a call from a friend who was going to move in to the house I’m renting and surprised to find out he was at my house. Turns out he rented a house in summerlin and wanted me to move in with him. I think that the Lord said to go and move in there and it’s just what I was looking for. And last night in my jacuzzi looking up at the sky it looked like there were angels moving around up there and it was such a great moment to end just my perfect day

  2. Juan O Savin has helped inspire many of us to not give up on winning back our country. I like how well he knows the Old Testament and tells his beautiful stories. Thank you Juan for helping us have hope.

  3. Juan
    I would love to have you on my show. I am not as big as others but I do the best I can with the resources I have. I have been strikes at youtube but now just direct people to UGETube with a short clip on youtube. I admire your work and always look for you shows with others. I am a patriot and I want our country back! I have been here for the children for a long time in capacities before I was even awake so to speak. Please contact me by text 928 245 1296 or this email. Please be on my show!!!

  4. Juan, I really take offense to your depiction of Freemasons in your book. We are NOT devil worshipers as you indicate in your book. Our teachings are based upon the Holy Scriptures (King James Version) here in the United States. Each has their own holy writ: Koran in Muslim countries, Torah in Jewish, and the Holy Bible here. I would ask you, if you are interested, to join the fraternity and find out our “secrets”. I must say your depiction is grossly incorrect!

    • Hey Scott, Most mainstream Christian’s look upon Mason’s with a similar view. I guess you can point the finger at many believers in the Lord Christ Jesus of Nazareth. Many of us focus on our relationship with Jesus, not other fraternal organizations. So, I guess according to you, several million believers in Christ view is incorrect.

  5. DonttreadonmeCarly, from Texas here! Thank you God for your plan I s perfect. I thank you Juan for all your encouragement along this journey. Thank you President Trump, and the entire Trump family. Same for General Flynn and family. Thank you to our brave men and women fight for not just America but the en world. My our Father in Heaven keep you all safe. I hold patriot meeting at my business on Sunday’s. We all share research and try to wake people up everyday.

    • Hi Carla. Thank you so much for your comment. My name is Victor Takacs, and I run this site. While I do not know Juan or the Trump family personally, I am working on getting their fans’ comments on this site to them. Keep up the good fight! Thank you for being such a wonderful patriot. GOD BLESS!

    • Hi Grace. My name is Victor Takacs, and I am this site’s owner and chief editor. I do not know Juan or the Trump family personally, but I am sure they so appreciate your kind words and wonderful sentiments. Currently, I am trying to figure out how to get their fans’ comments on this site to them so that they may read them. Thank you so much for your support and unyielding patriotism. GOD BLESS!

    • Victor you could print the comments and I have the mailing address for Maralago I am about to send a thank you letter let me know if you would like it , beautiful thing you’re doing , thank you ❤️🇺🇸By the way the book is awesome and as for the Freemason that commented a lot in the lower circles don’t even realize what they support , FACT , very sad. I have Actually been a avid reader my whole life and this book is very honest worth every penny , Brainwashing exist at the highest level willed by elite that have abused power too long 🙂 NEVER GIVE UP GOD BLESS ALL PATRIOTS ❤️🇺🇸

  6. I am tred of Savin repeating things several times like we do not know enough of the English language to understand what he says the first time. Also tired of, “Take a deep breath”.

    • Hi Rebecca. My name is Victor Takacs, and I run this site. While I do not know Juan or the President personally, I am working on figuring out a way to get patriots’ comments to them so that they may be able to read them. Thank you so much for you optimism. Hang in there! God Bless!

  7. Imagine you had someone you loved deeply.
    But you had been taking them for granted, and not contributing or taking responsibility with the relationship for a long time.
    That person left you.
    You went to bed at night feeling they may never come back.
    When they did come back, you’d appreciate them.
    This chapter is supposed to hurt.
    Tough love.
    All will be more than well.
    But not because we were response-able.
    Not because we fulfilled our Constitutional duty as citizens.
    So THE LEAST we can do is pay homage to God, Trump and the brave Patriots that saved humanity on Earth.
    The least we can do is stand behind them, trust The Plan, wake up and guide others.
    Show the courage to succeed…and be grateful.

    • Hi James! This is fantastic. It’s words like these that I truly believe are keeping patriots in the fight. We must NEVER give up. Thank you for your encouragement.

    • Beautifully said, James. We are all a little responsible for this mess we’re in. We have spent too many hours in front of the “box” and too few years finding out what is going on in our own country. We all need to find a way to help our country out of this mess no matter what our age.

  8. Hanging in . it’s carpenter joseph from south jersey jaun if your reading this thank you . Thank you , all the soldiers , President Trump and his family.for saving these children . The Called was amazing. The book is amazing and I got the rest out to family members on time for Christmas got them about a week after we spoke you stay safe I’m praying for you . Haven’t lost faith for one second . WWG1WGA. Save the children

    • Hi Joseph. My name is Victor Takacs, and I run this site. I do not know Juan personally, but I am a huge admirer of his. I am doing my very best to figure out a way to get Juan to see these great comments that are coming from patriots such as yourself. GOD BLESS!

      YES!!! WWG1WGA


  9. I enjoy listening to you very much Love your insight. Love the movie The Called. Wow
    Hope we all get to know you more in the future people really love you and apprecite all the information you share with us.

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