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Kentucky Gun Range or Syria



ABC NEWS Falsely Identifies Kentucky Gun Range Footage as Invasion of Syria

Kentucky Gun Range or Syria | Victor Takacs

I do believe Leftists continue to dream of the day they are able to crucify our president. Unfortunately for them, that day continues to be unfairly elusive. Never mind the fairness he deserves. At every turn, they have been out foxed by a man they believe to be dumber than dirt. Could it be that their evaluation of President Trump’s intellectual abilities is dead wrong? I think so. Common sense would tell us that if the man were in fact as dumb as they say he is, he would have been ousted by any one of their various coup d’etat attempts long ago. As the nation gears up to usher in 2020, the rabid desire to kill off the president has emboldened he and his supporters beyond measure. Less than a year out from the 2020 election, prospects for his reelection are stronger than they have ever been. He is no doubt a fighter and a survivor.

Geography is not Everyone’s Strongest Suit, but this Shit Makes Forrest Gump Look Like Einstein

So what has happened to the Left? Well, since the Election of 2016 it has been proven that President Trump is smart and that his enemies are the ones who are dumber than dirt. It makes sense after all. Remember that leftists are usually guilty of the the things they accuse their political foes of. That’s their game, and we’ve seen it play out time and time again. These people are so dumb that they show footage of a Kentucky gun range and claim the video was shot in northern Syria. Do you see where hate gets you? It eventually warrants you intellectually bankrupt, so much so that Kentucky news somehow becomes the same news coming out of Syria. A first grader is likely to know the difference between the two. “Supposedly well educated” ABC News reporters and producers do not.

Twitter Reacts

This passing off of Kentucky news as Syrian news to the American people has to be some of the most fake journalistic bullshit anyone has ever seen. Even more appalling is the fact that the dumb asses who perpetrated such a fraud literally could not care any less. I guess it’s understandable. I mean if I were that fucking stupid, I’d try my best not to dwell on it. In addition, I’d be embarrassed of the fact that I let the cat out of the bag. The cat in this case is the fact that the President is not dumb at all. This truly makes for a great laugh until you realize that these morons’ news shows are watched by millions of other morons. Thus the propaganda is spread to other morons who believe it. What a pathetic and sick state of affairs for American journalism.

ABC Fake Kentucky News Footage

President Trump Addresses Fake News Footage

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