The Kid from Brooklyn Quaaludes

Featured in the The Kid form Brooklyn Quaaludes Video: Quaalude, a Drug so Powerful, it was Banned by the Federal Government.

The Kid from Brooklyn Quaaludes | Joseph Scodney

Have you ever heard of Quaalude? If not, you’re not alone. They have been banned here in the United States since the early to mid 1980s. From all appearances it seems they were a drug like no other. The discos and clubs of the late 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s that were the hallmark of American nightlife at the time were full of Quaalude popping patrons. The Kid from Brooklyn Quaaludes Video is evidence of the enthusiasm for this drug. It is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Take a look but be warned; these videos show evidence of the fact that enthusiasm for the Quaalude is often expressed with foul language. The Kid from Brooklyn Quaaludes Video is a classic.

The Kid from Brooklyn Quaaludes
Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

It has often been thought that America’s biggest drug problems center around illicit controlled substances that are manufactured or grown in foreign countries and imported into the US via the black market. There are in fact many drugs for which this is the case. However, as is seen and heard from THE BIG MAN in The Kid from Brooklyn Quaaludes Video, prescription drugs of old seem to evoke the same amount of euphoria in their past users, even years after they used them. The Quaalude is an example of such a drug. Interestingly enough, the FDA estimates that Quaalude pills not taken in the past and still available, may number anywhere from about 150,000 pills to a quarter of a million pills.


Before you go rummaging through Grannie’s medicine cabinets, please remember that even prescription drugs can be illegal, especially if they are now banned. A classic indeed, The Kid from Brooklyn Quaaludes Video stands the test of time.

Kid from Brooklyn Video
Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) Passes Out at a Press Conference. He appears to be trying to impersonate what he’s seen in The Kid from Brooklyn Quaaludes Video.

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