Marianne Williamson


by Daniel Faeburgh

You go girl! Show the mongrel president what love is. Defeat him at the ballot box with love. What charisma Marianne Williamson has if you’re into the creepy kind. Never mind the president’s great love for God, his family, this country, and the military men and women who protect it. Someone should have reminded Ms. Williamson that she is on a debate stage that features presidential candidates of a party that supports infanticide.


Let’s not forget that this is the woman who said that Avatar changed the world.

The problem with this is that I can guarantee you that millions of people who saw Avatar are probably still stuck in their same shitty lives. In other words, it did nothing to change their world. You may notice that the Nobel Peace Prize is now officially the Nobel Peace Price. So that’s a definite change. Does that mean that for the right price, one may purchase a Nobel Peace Price? I just knew Obama had deep pockets even before he left the White House. This confirms it. Who in the hell gives $150 billion to the America hating terrorist regime in Iran? Was this his desperate attempt at peace because he felt guilty for having bought the Nobel Peace Price instead of earning it?


This one is tough…

The assignment of gender to the spiritual has an extremely important purpose. Just kidding! No it doesn’t.

This one is about biology…

Hmmmm…I’m no biologist, but I’m fairly sure that this is not how peacock feathers are created.

Back to Avatar…

Well of course! I’m on it Marianne. Thank you!


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