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Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale is none too happy with his hometown Astros after dropping Game 7 of the 2019 World Series. Mattress Mack, the highly successful founder and CEO of Houston’s Gallery Furniture, has run promotions tied to the Astros’ playoff fate the past 3 years. If they win, you win…McIngvale gives you furniture for free. If they lose, you lose…McIngvale demands you pony up and pay for your shit!

Obviously this Mattress Mack video has been dubbed over. If you know Mack, you’re very much aware of the fact that he would never curse like this. You’re also aware of the fact that he is a man who has a wonderful sense of humor. Therefore we are hopeful that he would have a good laugh after having watched this video.

This Mattress Mack video captures the high energy of a man who is driven to work as hard as he can on a daily basis. Minus the curse words that would never actually come out of his mouth, it’s easy to see how infectious his hope, optimism, and motivation can be. This is a man with a heart of gold. He is the very definition of selflessness. Mattress Mack’s philanthropic ways have done so much for so many people over the years. If the world were filled with more people of Mack’s moral caliber, we would all be better off. He is truly a blessing to the City of Houston. Always willing to help those in need, money is never an issue for Mattress Mack. He is grateful to all of the people who supported he and Gallery Furniture in its early days of existence. At one time nearly penniless, Mack gives back to a community that took a chance on him and his wonderful furniture store.

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