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    • Usually when it won’t accept an email address or bc it was copy and pasted. Then type in the whole address. It always takes it. Or just go to no email needed

  1. lost live feed , tryed other devices, phone shows chinees letters in box and I close as afraid its a hack.

    • Our Tech Giants, Soros, our Government on both sides of the isle, the corrupt DOJ, CIA, FBI, and SCOTUS is blocking the information from getting out. Those like Mike and others who are trying to expose the corruption are currently being attacked!

  2. I have watched this program from the start: LOVE IT!! After having Mike’s speech freeze in the middle I am now receiving this prompt…..Error 1020 Ray ID: 67dcbe16a8d22fc1 • 2021-08-12 21:19:32 UTC
    Access denied
    What happened?
    This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

    SAD I could not get remainder of feed. Love Mike and all the hard work being done to correct this corrupt situation~!!!!

    • I lost all access to feed. The prompt I received is:

      Error 1020 Ray ID: 67dcbe16a8d22fc1 • 2021-08-12 21:19:32 UTC
      Access denied
      What happened?
      This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

  3. Mike Lindell is a breath of fresh air in a country tuning communist with joe jelly head biden leading a marching band of commies and mal contents who want to destroy us without firing a shot. Chi-coms are loving Biden and his socio path VP Harris. Too bad Fox News doesn’t have the balls to let Frank Speech be heard. Thank you Mike Lindell for being a patriot and an all american capitalist.
    RBS Montana where we still lock up shop lifters and criminals of all striped!

    • Yes i am using the broswer duck duck go and i still cannot get in. I got in at first this morning the time is 4pm and i cannot get in anymore. The day is August 12th. Their server could be hack and shut down. He had four up and running platforms and mike mention three were shutdown. The government must have shutdown the ladt platform which was his Frank Speech. Be aware there is a fake website named the realwebsite is

  4. All the trouble signing up is what happens when some dumb fuck like Mike Lindell tries to make a social network for Trump loving idiots. Frank is made with Drupal, which is not able to handle the needs of a social network, nor is ot designed to handle large amounts of user data. It also uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) to host videos. So much for big tech not being able to censor anything. It’s not a free speech platform anyways, so I guess that doesn’t matter much. Whoever he paid to “develop” the site for him was laughing all the way to the bank. Could have easily gotten his own server and used Mastodon, Pleroma or any other ActivityPub sofware for free and had a fully functional, self hosted social network for his braindead followers to use. Hilarious.

    • Wow what a repulsive bunch of garbage spewed from another angry Trump hater (still haven’t figured out why) who can’t stand the thought of a few patriotic Americans supporting someone who puts America before other countries tried to reign in some of the spending and stupid policies by prior despots. We admire him so much more because of the wonderful things he was able to accomplish for our country under enormous, non stop attacks from the left. No one but him could withstand that type of pressure and achieve like he did. So we admire him that much more. God bless you and yours.

    • Dumb fuck? Trump loving idiots?! You are obviously so dumb that you were fell for the nonstop propaganda and became indoctrinated yourself. It is not about Trump or Biden moron. It’s about liberty versus tyranny. Do you really want the political elite to choose your president or do you want the people to? The Biden administration is the worst in the history of our country. Are you enjoying this inflation? How about the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens this administration is allowing to pour into our country just because they feel they are future votes for them. They dont care that children and women are being human trafficked and sand that cartels are pumping drugs and violence into our country.

    • I feel so sorry for you. No God, no faith, no patriotism, no hope. If you embrace socialism, owning nothing and being happy, taking and not earning, you will never feel a sense of accomplishment or of contributing to a precious democracy that you now take for granted. I pray for you and the many misguided people in this country.

    • Praying For GOD to open the eyes of your heart to see how desparately you need Him.

    • Give Mr lindell props for trying to break through the media censorship and the Gestapo like tactics that the media employees to only present their side of the issues and also realize that the media is the virus

    • I disagree with your comments. 1. God is real. 2. I had no problem logging on 3. I’m a 82 year old citizen of the USA and if I can manage it so can you “whipper snapper” with all your education and your foul mouth. Perhaps when your freedom has been taken from you or your family or those you care the most for (if you have one or even care you will believe in what you had. I was even able to cast to my smart TV. Watched it all day for two days and now getting ready to watch it today. So pull up your big boys pants and try again and go wash your mouth out with soap so some kind and caring words come from your mouth. I don’t care if you are a Dem or a Rep, but I do care that you disrespect our God. He has done nothing to you other then given you life, love, a world to survive and away to eternal life. He also gave you a choice. The evil of this world will let you burn in hell. I’m praying for your soul.

  5. Barrack Obama will claim that he cannot be tried by a military court for a crime of high treason because he is not an American citizen. The cover story used to sell Barrack Obama and his partner Michael Robinson as Michelle Obama plus the two girls who were part of the scam presented as the Obama children was complete deception created by the C.I.A. Barrack Obama born in the British Protectorate of Kenya on August 6th 1961 attended college in Los Angeles California as a foreign student he did not attend Columbia as was first stated nor Harvard which was the reported change after a paper written by a leftist professor appeared to come out of Harvard with Barrack Obama’s name affixed to the paper. Barrack AKA Barry joined the C.I.A. after leaving College and went to work in Pakistan where Barrack befriended the Awan brothers who even though they had very limited computer skills were placed in charge of maintaining 85 Democrat representative and senators computers selling America secrets to the nations enemies. Barrack was partnered with a C.I.A. agent using the cover name of Tim Osbourne whose real name was Osama Bin Laden who supported the United States of America after being promised that we would free the Afghanistan people from the control Russia exercised over the people. When America took over the country after Russia left the oppression became much worse and Osama Bin Laden became disenfranchised no longer believing in America. Osama Bin Laden had to be defeated because he knew who Barrack Obama really was and could reveal the truth. When the facts come out into the open to reveal how George H.W. Bush hired 19 Saudi Mercenaries to carry out the part of the attack that was all show. The C.I.A. had rigged the towers for demolition killing 3,000 plus individuals which included 69 citizens from other nations. George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Kristine Marcy, Robert Mueller were involved in the planning stages which was carried out by the C.I.A. Osama Bin Laden was blamed even though by this time he had contacted a major illness that had weakened him. This was to prevent the truth from coming out about a Muslim from Kenya a non America who had a great hatred for this nation was installed as President by the C.I.A. to bring America down. The final blow that would cripple the nation was to be delivered during the bought and paid for Clinton Presidency. God stepped in revealing to some in 2011 that Donald Trump was his choice for President. I knew nothing about this until march of 2015 when I had a dream of who God had chosen to be the 45th President of the United States of America confirmation came later when i watched Donald and Melania Trump descend the escalator and announce his candidacy. From the day that John Hinckley Junior shot President Regan on March 30 1981 onward the C.I.A. had full control of America buying or blackmailing political candidates in both parties to submit and benefit while America collapsed or be destroyed. Many false claims were used to destroy those who refused to go along with the planned end of the last nation where the citizens believed freedom was possible. America collapses the whole world is finished as we move into a Satanic New World Order. We are in a war of Good against evil, God against Lucifer/Satan, Truth against lies. Democrats are the party of both liars and lies as the servants of evil.

  6. Cant sign up Mike get some guru’s on it need you Patriot platform to keep free speech going in America! Appreciate you so much brother.

    • Thank you! I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s necessarily anything one can sign up for. It looks like it’s a way to attract the masses to wake them up. BLESSINGS!

  7. I have tried since day one attempting to sign up for Mike’s Frank Speech. I get an error message every time. I believe Mike is under such tremendous attacks, his staff has had to block people from signing in. I tried again today– was almost successful, then it took me to a link to signup for FakeBook. The cabal is truly interfering with him and his mission.

    • Don’t know if I have to reply individually, I use duck duck go app, type in Frankvipsignup, just have to provide my cell and I’m in🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. I am unable to log in on frank Where is the sign in portal ? Please let me know when it is up and running.

  9. Of course the lefty gremlins don’t want a free speech platform to open but it will be up and running in due time. I will wait.

  10. I clicked to sign up on VIP and it took me to the video page, with no signup possibility. What do I have to do to sign up?

  11. I signed up earlier today and my login credentials are not working. I’m going to be patient as new sites do take time for working at the kinks! Looking forward to this up and running!

  12. I gave my phone number for VIP, downloaded link to site and still have not been able to sign up? Now there is no place to sign up?

  13. When I tried to sign up it keep giving me errors, then all of sudden it said I was logged in. I then turned off my computer, tried going back to it this evening and couldn’t get in, tried with my email address and password, still nothing. I even tried to reset password, said an email was sent to my email address with a link, but nothing is there.
    Could the 1st signup have been from the cyber attack??

    How do I go about re-signing up?

  14. Since it’s difficult to get the terms of service from a site that does not operate, is my understanding that Frank intends to ban what it calls profanity. The Supreme Court has ruled that one man’s profanity is Another Man’s Lyric. Therefore if this is true Frank does not support free speech. It will merely be another platform pushing its own agenda. I for one will not be participating due to the fact that I spent 23 years in the military defending people’s right to free speech including profanity. If you do not protect all forms of legal speech you are no better than Facebook and Twitter.

    • Maybe it’s called RESPECT. We’re you ever taught that? Some people don’t care to listen to potty mouths. Save it for your buddies.

    • Weatherlawyer\IANAL
      Remember how they did that on gab that was frustrating

    • I m one of the many who hates the foul language. You have women and children on these sites. It’s hard enough to raise them with some respect without people filling their minds with foul things. Liberty is for all not just some. We ‘re tired of our efforts to raise respectful and curtious and responsible young people being derailed by foolishness. Swearing is not free speech, just a
      lack of good manners.

    • David Hopkins you can do all you can to protect nasty talk which is immoral and ungodly, but as for myself I will continue worshiping God every Sunday that I am able to. I am a Vietnam vet and I have leukemia as a result of exposure to agent orange. Those that approve of filthy talk will not like where they will be going on Judgment day. You sir, will experience moaning and knashing of teeth. My prayers are going out for you.

  15. The site has been under a massive cyber attack all day. I’m sure they are working on it. We can’t let the far left control the media, because they don’t want free speech. It is critical we respond or we lose our Republic. They are relentless lying, propaganda mongering liers.

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