Mike Lindell Launches FRANK: Sign Up HERELifestyle

Mike Lindell Launches FRANK: Sign Up HERE


Mike Lindell Launches FRANK: Sign Up HERE
Mike Lindell Launches FRANK: Sign Up HERE


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  1. I have tried since day one attempting to sign up for Mike’s Frank Speech. I get an error message every time. I believe Mike is under such tremendous attacks, his staff has had to block people from signing in. I tried again today– was almost successful, then it took me to a link to signup for FakeBook. The cabal is truly interfering with him and his mission.

    • Me too!!! Every direction that I try to inquire about his site I get either cut off or put on a site that Is no doubt a far left junk site🧐

    • Uhhh here’s a question…..I wonder if we could use this chat spot as Frankspeach until it gets up and going??? I have already heard more info here than I have in the time Ive been trying to get on the site🧐

  2. I am unable to log in on frank speech.com. Where is the sign in portal ? Please let me know when it is up and running.

  3. Of course the lefty gremlins don’t want a free speech platform to open but it will be up and running in due time. I will wait.

  4. I clicked to sign up on VIP and it took me to the video page, with no signup possibility. What do I have to do to sign up?

  5. I signed up earlier today and my login credentials are not working. I’m going to be patient as new sites do take time for working at the kinks! Looking forward to this up and running!

  6. I gave my phone number for VIP, downloaded link to site and still have not been able to sign up? Now there is no place to sign up?

  7. When I tried to sign up it keep giving me errors, then all of sudden it said I was logged in. I then turned off my computer, tried going back to it this evening and couldn’t get in, tried with my email address and password, still nothing. I even tried to reset password, said an email was sent to my email address with a link, but nothing is there.
    Could the 1st signup have been from the cyber attack??

    How do I go about re-signing up?

  8. Since it’s difficult to get the terms of service from a site that does not operate, is my understanding that Frank intends to ban what it calls profanity. The Supreme Court has ruled that one man’s profanity is Another Man’s Lyric. Therefore if this is true Frank does not support free speech. It will merely be another platform pushing its own agenda. I for one will not be participating due to the fact that I spent 23 years in the military defending people’s right to free speech including profanity. If you do not protect all forms of legal speech you are no better than Facebook and Twitter.

    • Maybe it’s called RESPECT. We’re you ever taught that? Some people don’t care to listen to potty mouths. Save it for your buddies.

    • Weatherlawyer\IANAL
      Remember how they did that on gab that was frustrating

    • I was having a lot of trouble signing up until I changed my browser to DuckDuckGo and then things worked! Just a suggestion to some……

  9. The site has been under a massive cyber attack all day. I’m sure they are working on it. We can’t let the far left control the media, because they don’t want free speech. It is critical we respond or we lose our Republic. They are relentless lying, propaganda mongering liers.

    • Hi Claudia,

      I signed up for VIP access, and I can get onto the site to watch the broadcasts and read the stories. However I do not think I am completely signed up as I have not been able to put in my email address or password. Can you help point me to where I can complete this process?

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