MUST WATCH: Lady gets hair cut too short; responds with all-time laugh attack

She Just Loves her New Haircut

MUST WATCH: Lady gets hair cut too short; responds with all-time laugh attack | Victor Takacs

Where does she live? I need to see if I can get her to be my friend. The haircut laugh is awesome!

I don’t know who Jim is but he ain’t ever lied! Jim, you can tell your barber or hairdresser what you mean by “short” but they will either not hear you or they will simply ignore what you have to say. They are just there to smile, act like they heard you, and quickly turn their attention back to Inside Edition.

Haircuts are a really good opportunity to laugh. And Jim, you’re right, if you don’t tell them what you mean by short, they are gonna make up their own definition.

This lady is literally all of us. Man or woman, we can all admit that more often than not, the haircut is always too short. The funniest shit is, when the haircut is done the hair-cutter gives you their handheld mirror and asks, “what do you think?” Well…here’s the deal, you cut my hair way too short (even though I told you not to), but what can we do about it now??? Are you gonna to sweep it up, glue it back on my head, and start over? I didn’t think so. I’ll follow you to the cash register and pay way too much for something I could have done in my back yard with a beard trimmer. Then I’ll walk out the door, sit in my vehicle, and stare into my rear view mirror for the next 20 minutes thinking of what could have been. I’ll have to call in sick to work Monday and hope and pray that my hair will grow a couple inches in 24 hours; because I’ve put in way too much time with Kathy in accounting for my too short haircut to mess it all up.

But this lady in the video isn’t shook at all. Her haircut is a little too short? Pshhh. It’s gonna take a lot more than that to get her down.

“This one actually doesn’t look too bad, let’s see if we can see what it looks like from the back! OK haha! I don’t know if that’s working, but anyway, it’s a great opportunity for a laugh.”

Whoops! She instantly realizes the turn to look at the back wasn’t the best idea. Should have just stayed with the front view and been satisfied. Then we get one of the greatest cinematic plot twists of our generation as she proceeds to laugh uncontrollably. And what a laugh it is! Shout out to this lady for saying screw it, it’s just haircut, and then hitting us with the best laughing episode of our time. At one point during the laugh attack, she says, “I’M CRAZY.” I cannot express in words how much I love that.

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