Nationals Practice Championship Trophy Presentation Before Game 3


Nationals Practice Championship Trophy Presentation Before Game 3 | Joseph Scodney

Yiiiikes. Nationals fans, get ready for 100 years without a championship. The Trophy Presentation Practice curse is upon you. On Friday, before game 3 of the World Series the Washington Nationals staff erected a stage and did a practice run of the championship trophy presentation. Games 3, 4, and 5 are being played in DC and with a 2-0 series lead the Nationals have the opportunity to win the title on their home field. The Nationals won the first 2 games in Houston beating the game’s best 2 pitchers Gerrit Cole and Justin Verlander. They arrived back in Washington DC feeling like this lady.


That feeling quickly disappeared as the Astros came out in game 3 with a purpose and won, pushing the series to 2-1 Nationals. There is no doubt that the Astros players and coaching staff caught wind of the trophy presentation practice, if that ain’t enough to fire you up, I don’t know what is. The Nationals employee that thought the practice run was a good idea has to be feeling like shit this morning. What was that person thinking?!

I get that the trophy presentation is a production that might require some practice beforehand but they picked a bad time to do it. It has to be done as a covert operation. I’m talking 5am, before the sun is even up. No way in hell this should be done during the hours that the media is allowed in the stadium. These days, reporters are packing phones with cameras and they ain’t afraid to use them. A quick post on Twitter provided the Astros with all the bulletin board material they needed. Ever heard of the Curse of the Bambino? How about the curse of the Billy Goat? Well those don’t hold a candle to the Trophy Presentation Practice curse. See you in 2119, Nationals fans.



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