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by Mort Collin

Trump Pelosi
President Trump & Nancy Pelosi

Apparently there are two specific Nancy Pelosi montage videos that have gone viral on the world wide web. From what we can tell there is one that has been dubbed or altered, and there is one that has been edited but not dubbed or altered. Our sources have confirmed that the latter is authentic footage of the Speaker of the House in a montage of edited speech clips put together by the Fox Business Network. Now as we all know, anyone who has made the choice to serve in public office knows that they are constantly subject to the limelight of the modern media. Thus Nancy Pelosi is no different. In this particular instance, all video and audio of the Speaker has been lawfully obtained by major media outlets with her full consent. The proof lies in the fact that she voluntarily stood behind a podium to deliver a speech.

Editing software for the purpose of creating montage video footage is quite prevalent nowadays. It’s become clear over the past forty-eight hours or so that many in the Fake News Media are in favor of violating Americans’ First Amendment rights by banning certain edited videos. An example was Anderson Cooper of CNN lambasting Facebook for not taking the Pelosi video down. The danger is that people perceive things in different ways. When it comes to social media and the internet as a whole, what criteria should be used for taking certain videos off of sites? Trying to find an answer to this question could potentially be a dangerous proposition.


We respect Nancy Pelosi as a public servant even though we do not agree with her on many issues. Many Americans feel the same way. All Americans should see the video montage of Pelosi that was put together by the Fox Business Network. As authentic clips, they show the truth. She appears to be in a state of declining mental health. Is she? Well we cannot make that determination, as we are not psychiatrists or neurologists. However the red flags are definitely there. Editing the video footage of her speeches by putting the clips in chronological order back to back really drives the point home, much better than just watching the speech as a whole. We are all entitled to the transparency of our public officials’ health. This does not mean we advocate for the release of their medical records. It just means that the people of this nation deserve to know how healthy our public servants are, just on a general basis. If a citizen of a free society creates a video that helps others better understand the current state of government officials’ health, so be it.

It’s appalling that when the president retweets this video montage, he is viciously attacked. He has 1st Amendment Rights just like all Americans. Furthermore, lest we forget that the Speaker said he is worthy of an intervention, needs people to pray for him, and is covering up crimes.

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