Pete Buttigieg Alfred ESatire

Pete Buttigieg and Alfred E. Neuman

Pete Buttigieg and Alfred E. Neuman | Victor Takacs

When President Trump was asked about South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, who once sought the democrat nomination for president, he made an interesting comparison. He said, “Alfred E. Neuman cannot become President of the United States.” Obviously those not familiar with Alfred E. Neuman were probably left scratching their heads. Perhaps you yourself at present are doing the same.

Alfred E. Neuman is the goofy looking gap-toothed freckle face boy created by Harvey Kurtzman as a Mad Magazine character in 1955. The president’s words invoke a vital question. Do Pete Buttigieg and Alfred E. Neuman really look alike? The answer, quite simply, is yes. All you have to do is look at the pictures below. It’s as if Pete Buttigieg and Alfred E Neuman are the same person.

(L-R) Alfred E. Neuman, Pete Buttigieg
(L-R) Pete Buttigieg, Alfred E. Neuman

The resemblance between Pete Buttigieg and Alfred E. Neuman is truly uncanny. I wonder if Kurtzman had any inkling at all that his famous character would someday be the prodigy he is today. I mean, really? He had to know his creation would one day bear the resemblance of a gay presidential candidate from Indiana. Hahahaha! Likely not the case, this can be filed under “coincidence.” But think of it. If Kurtzman had indeed shared among others utterances of similarities between his Neuman character and a man like Buttigieg, how creepy would that be? VERY! By my estimation that would make him a prophet, a psychic, a soothsayer, a medicine man, or maybe…just maybe…a man with scientific academic credentials the likes of the impeccable Doc Brown of Back to the Future.

Stranger things are indeed possible. They really are! I promise; I’m not full of shit. The proof is in the pudding, for I am not a democrat. If you feel like your name should be Thomas and you’re filled with doubt, allow me to lead you into the land of truth. Behold! If these things are possible, Kurtzman may well have predicted the great rise of Buttigieg as is reflected in his rendering of Neuman in 1955 (The Pete Buttigieg Alfred E). After all, didn’t Doc Brown travel back in time to that very same year? Coincidence? Hmmmmm. Let’s keep that file handy.

List of Stranger Things

  1. A US president uses the IRS to go after his political rivals. Thereafter not one damn person even whispers the word “impeachment.”
  2. A US president’s Justice Department sells guns to Mexican drug cartels. One of those guns is used to murder a US Border Patrol agent. Thereafter not one damn person even whispers the word “impeachment.”
  3. Season 1 of Stranger Things
  4. In the dead of night a US president sends an airplane loaded down with pallets of billions of dollars in American cash to the government of…WAIT FOR IT… Iran. Thereafter not one damn person even whispers the word “impeachment.”
  5. A US president weaponizes the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., to spy on an American presidential campaign. The American media lie about it. To this day millions of Americans have no idea it ever even happened.
  6. A US president assigns his vice president the responsibility of being his administration’s point man on the Ukraine. The vice president’s son is appointed to the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company and is paid approximately $83,000 a month for 38 months. Democrats in the House approve Articles of Impeachment and vote to impeach. Hmmmm. That’s not strange at all, is it? Gotcha! Yes it is. I failed to tell you that they didn’t vote to impeach this vice president. No. They voted to impeach the successive administration’s president when he asked the Ukraine to work with his personal lawyer and attorney general to investigate the aforementioned former vice president.
  7. Construction on Texas State Highway 290 near the 610 Loop in Houston is completed.
  8. Recitation of prayers in the American school system becomes illegal.
  9. The political party originally established as an anti-slavery party garners 8% of the African American vote in the 2016 Presidential Election.
  10. The democrat party establishes the Ku Klux Klan after the Civil War. The American media calls the Republican Party racist.
  11. Season 2 of Stranger Things
  12. The Toronto Raptors win the NBA Finals.
  13. Democrats are upset with the president when he authorizes a military strike on to kill a man responsible for the deaths of at least 608 Americans.
  14. Democrats hate the president more than the America-hating terrorists who would love to murder them in cold blood.
  15. Over 63 million innocent American babies are killed over a span of 37 years. The ability to carry out such heinous acts is called a “right.”
  16. A REPUBLICAN president signs a criminal justice reform bill into law.
  17. Season 3 of Stranger Things
  18. A much higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats in Congress vote in favor of EVERY Civil Rights bill throughout the 1960s. Millions think Republicans are racist.

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