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Public Policy is the most voluminous category on this site, thus proving its high degree of importance.

Public Policy includes all of the following: The Ukraine Hoax, Impeachment, The Congress, the Hillary Clinton Email Pay for Play Scandal, and so much more. This is a Free State of V Category that is circumspect of federal legislation and its execution.

The Podcast Episode 6

THE PODCAST: An American Coup d’etat + EPISODE 6 + Hate

Continuing the narrative of the democrat party media, politicians and celebrities are showing the world how truly wrong and hateful they are.

THE BIG unEasy

A storm swamped New Orleans streets and paralyzed traffic Wednesday as concerns grew that even worse weather was on the way: a possible hurricane that could strike the Gulf Coast and raise the Mississippi River to the brim of the city’s protective levees. The storm was associated with a broad area of disturbed weather in the Gulf that forecasters said was on track to strengthen into a hurricane by the weekend.

Free State of V Podcast Episode 5: The Truth According to Liberals

An American Coup d’etat + EPISODE 5 + The Truth According to Liberals

The unfortunate thing about liberals is that they are not aware of the truth because of the democrat party media surrogates who report lies.

Trump's Economic Impact

Economic News

by Joseph Scodney Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics released economic data from April. This positive economic news means that congratulations are in order for the president and the White House economic team led by Larry Kudlow for their efforts in putting America back to work. The […]


The president sits on a mountain of declassified Department of Justice documents related to FBI wrongdoing in 2016 during both the presidential campaign and election. The documents themselves include FISA warrant applications and renewals, FBI 302 witness interview notes, and so much more related to surveillance of the […]