Trump Economy got her Like...

by Joseph Scodney

Ladies and gentlemen: meet Sue Ellen Loggins. Perhaps you’re asking yourself what the hell it was you just watched. You have every right to inquire, as it is a relatively bizarre video. From all appearances we have a woman loading up a casino slot machine as she herself loads up on wine. While the wine may be free, the slot machine is definitely not. Moreover if you look closely at the wine glass being held on high by Ms. Loggins, you’ll see she is holding a tip for her waitress as well. We have also confirmed she is a guest at the hotel, which is of course owned and operated by the casino. It’s evident that the “roaring Trump economy got her like…” and you lcan fill in the blank.

US Employment Rate
US Employment Rate

All too often media reports on the economy are watered down by statistics. There is nothing wrong with reporting economic statistics, because they provide a true evaluation of the American free market throughout time. However economic reports that also open a window into the life of the American middle class consumer can create a breath of fresh air, especially during times of economic success coupled with boring news reports of said success. The optimism propped up by such reports is practical for all of us, as regular Americans, because we are the ultimate beneficiaries of a successful economy.


The video of Sue Ellen above moves beyond statistics and offers us more of a glimpse into the practical purchasing power of the average American middle class consumer. Yes the video is somewhat cheesy and even a bit satirical, but like the current state of the US economy, it’s also fun and entertaining. Our staff approached Ms. Loggins to request her permission to be able to share this video. As you can see, she of course agreed. We were also able to ask her some general questions.

US Consumer Confidence & Spending
US Consumer Confidence & Spending

Upon inquiring as to whether or not she was winning on the slot machines, she laughed and said she was not. She then went on to say that for the first time in a long time she wasn’t too terribly bothered about losing some money. She considered it the price for fun. Having been laid off in 2014, she was finally hired by another company as a secretary about a year ago. Sue Ellen said that she had just received a raise and was therefore out at the casino celebrating with girlfriends. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the practical side of the roaring Trump economy. Americans are back at work and their wages are going up!



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