Screw the WHOWorld

Screw the WHO

Dr. Tedros, World Health Organization (WHO)

Dr. Tedros


…real & authentic from day 1, they do not carry water for the tyrannical dictatorial totalitarian chinese communist regime in beijing.

Screw the WHO | Victor Takacs


…fake, unethical, & anti-liberty; for this who, the world health organization, I have a question:

“Tell me who are you, I really wanna know. Who the f*** are you?”

Screw the WHO !

THE WHO | Track Title: Who Are You | 1978 Album: Who Are You | Written by Pete Townshend | Released as a Double-A Side Single

Murderers and Thieves

Despite the inability of the WHO (World Health Organization) to articulate a true description of themselves, we know who the hell they are. Their inarticulate ways are symptomatic of collusion with a totalitarian regime. Limited in their explanations as shills, WHO officials exhibit the same characteristics of the Chinese officials for whom they carry water. In lock-step with a nation guilty of multiple human rights violations for decades, the WHO has blood on its hands. This is just the latest travesty in 71 years of Chinese Communist malfeasance, and the WHO are just as much blame as the Chinese government. We can only hope that this will, in time, be the final nail in the coffin for these types of tragedies. Responsible for the spread of multiple respiratory viruses in past decades, it’s time China is held accountable. Those worldwide who are more apt to avoid this fight may not be convinced it is worthwhile. Perhaps after seeing this video, this potential sin of omission will not be as prevalent in people’s minds. Take a look.

What Dr. Tedros and other WHO officials fail to mention is that the politicization of China’s Wuhan Virus began with the Chinese government. Screw Tedros! Screw the WHO! Their false narrative was picked up by the WHO and spun in a web of deceit that led to more tragedy than it should have. Between the corrupt Chinese regime, the WHO, and American media outlets, one hell of a propaganda campaign took shape. This is the danger of totalitarian regimes. They remain ill equipped to do the research and work of the much more advanced free world in a safe manner. Moreover, when they make mistakes that cause the unnecessary death and destruction that results, they cover it up and lie about it. With the truth obstructed to save their own disastrous political ideology, good people suffer.

What’s more is that Americans are willing to play this game. Filled with vitriolic hate for the President of the United States, they are more than willing to join Team China in propagandist campaigns the likes of which have never been seen before in this country. In the past, the majority of Americans stood together in their acknowledgement of who the enemy is. Those days are long gone, and the price to pay for such reckless behavior has manifested itself in recent months. An even higher price will be sure to manifest itself in the not too distant future should we continue down this path.

No Brian Klaas. You’re dead wrong! This is not Trump’s Chernobyl. It’s China’s Chernobyl. I’d suggest you think long and hard about the things you are writing. Try putting the American people ahead of your own corrupt political ideology.

Tedros a Marxist

The reason Tedros worked with China to stay silent on the Wuhan Virus (COVID-19) is that he shares their political ideology. He is a Communist. Take a look…

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