Celebrities: Now & Then

Celebrities: Now & Then | Victor Takacs

Father Time is typically not kind to one’s looks, but hard living, Botox, plastic surgery, alcoholism, and drug use don’t help either. This gallery features pictures of some of the most famous people in the world. Once hired to be in motion pictures partly based on good looks, days gone by have affected those looks. The hard and fast living of Hollywood also increases aging. So much time has passed, it’s hard to imagine what some of these celebrities looked like in their younger days. The pictures of these actors and actresses are quite surreal as they invoke memories of their movies that were produced years ago. These are skinny celebrities who look much different now when compared to “then.”

Like a stroll down “Memory Lane,” the past is brought back to life. Once youthful and vibrant on the silver screen, the majority of these actors and actresses are grateful for the opportunities they were given to play roles in so many popular movies. Many of these, as you shall see, are skinny celebrities who gained weight, etc.

Perhaps Morgan Freeman said it best when addressing his personal Hollywood now and then story: “I know it seems I’ve always been around, but my movie career didn’t begin in earnest until I was 50 years old. These last 30 years have been the best of my life, and I’ve learned a lot on this journey. I’ve learned that with all the advantages of being a grownup come responsibility: responsibility to be true to yourself, to honor those who came before you, to leave the world a better place when you go.”

In our sunset years here on Earth, it’s important that we be content and satisfied with our lot in life. We should be proud of ourselves and our legacies. Famous or not, we’ve had an impact. Of that, there cannot be any doubt. Without further adieu, I present for you Celebrities: Now & Then.

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