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Some People did Something Video | Victor Takacs

There he sat, only 17 years old, with dreams of the future that stretched out before him as far as the eye can see. He knew not what the future had in store for him, but he imagined it was even better than the present, and the present was damn good. You see, he came from a good family, lived in a home filled with laughter, and had a certain faith in the Lord above, that was rock solid.

It was a magnificently clear Tuesday morning with a sky as big, beautiful, and blue as the eyes of his now wife; a woman he cherishes and loves dearly. His teacher stood before him and taught the way a teacher does. This, however was not your ordinary teacher. Standing before him was a man whose greatest talent was academic instruction and whose greatest passion was the United States of America. As the brilliant sunlight flowed into the room through the bank of 1950s style windows that stretched from the front of the classroom to the back, he listened intently to the words of his favorite teacher.

This was US Government class, and the young man was soaking it all in. He rather enjoyed government and politics, though it all seemed so far away from him at the time. What made it seem so far away? Was it the distance of the 225 years that separated him from the historic founding of his country that his teacher was talking about that day? Was it the distance of thousands of miles between he and his government in Washington? Or was it the naivety and familiarity of the immediate environment he clung to that made all the rest seem way outside his purview?

Like so many young people, his immediate community was his bedrock. Sure he knew he was American, but he also felt like America’s systems of governance were a world away. They were more grand than he, untouchable at the time, if you will. He knew not the real world as of yet, at least in the very same capacity adults typically know it. Still wrapped in the comfort of the family home at the time, life seems less complicated when he looks back on it all now.

He loves life and always has, for he is blessed by God beyond his imagination. Things are good; in fact they are wonderful, but like everyone, he’s been through ups and downs. As a 17 year old he obviously lacked the experiences and knowledge that would make him who he is today. It’s a tough row to hoe when you first emerge from the sheltered environment of your youth to face down the evil cynicism of this most imperfect real world.

He was a senior in high school, used to routine and most comfortable in his relatively sheltered environment. The time that has passed since then is almost the same amount of time that, in 2001, had passed since he had been born in 1984.

On that fateful day in US Government class, the principal came over the intercom and asked that students and teachers alike pray for those who had just lost their lives in a terrible accident in New York City. A commercial airliner had hit the World Trade Center. By the time the second one hit, he and his classmates were watching it live on a classroom television as it all unfolded before their eyes. This was no accident. These horrific acts of violence were in fact the very events that would change the world forever. The Some People did Something Video below brings this reality to light.

He somehow knew that in less than a year he would be entering the fray of an unforgiving, violent, and hateful world. 9/11 for him was his first look at the overall sadness and consummate evil that exists in the real world. He was/is well aware of the fact, both back then and now, that 9/11 did not occur just because some people did something; video here offers evidence of that fact. That simple minded brand of thinking is dangerous, because 9/11 represents so much more. It’s what would cause many within his generation to volunteer for this nation’s armed services. In fact, many of his buddies would do multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. As for him, the gap between he and his government would narrow. No longer perceived more grand than he, he would praise his government when it was on the right side of history, but he would also criticize it when it strayed from its constitutional duty of serving the American people.

This Some People did Something Video brings to life the trauma and sadness of terrorism. His heart aches when he goes over the television images of that day that are seared into his memory. His gratitude for all of the heroes who have fought these evildoers in the 18 years since the 9/11 tragedy is inexplicable. He is thankful for their service beyond measure. He still prays for the victims and first responders, both living and deceased.

He got a taste for how terrible the real word can be on that beautiful Tuesday morning back in 2001. In addition however, he learned one of his most important lesson in the days, weeks, months, and years that came after. Americans are a most noble and selfless people. Where there is evil, many millions of Americans are fearless of taking it head on. Where there is need, the people of this nation consistently step forward to satisfy that need. God guides us and our nation through tragedy, and we must never take that for granted. So when people like Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) minimize 9/11 by saying “some people did something,” we must speak out. 9/11 was life-changing for all Americans. This is genuine proof that some people did a hell of a lot more than just something. Congresswoman Omar is unworthy of her seat in the United States Congress. She must resign immediately.

Some People did Something Video

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