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Special Counsel Investigation Officially Illegitimate

PODCAST | Special Counsel Investigation Officially Illegitimate | Victor Takacs

The testimony delivered by former Special Counsel Bob Mueller last week was unnerving to say the least. From the onset, it was quite clear that Mr. Mueller never controlled the probe. That control was stolen by partisan leftist hacks led by Andrew Weissmann himself. It would seem that Mr. Mueller hired Weissmann and subsequently allowed him to do the rest of the hiring. Both Mueller and the American people were played for fools. The special counsel’s ailing health presented Weissmann with an opportunity he could not let pass him by. He would insert himself into the investigation to bring down the president. When he could not lawfully charge the president with a crime, he made one up, just like he did with Arthur Anderson. Weissmann failed to adhere to key DOJ regulations when it comes to running an investigation like this. The illegitimacy of this whole thing is gut wrenching and tragic. This whole hoax is laid bare at the feet of the democrats who are responsible for the greatest political scandal in American history. LISTEN TO IT ALL RIGHT HERE!

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