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Proof that Far Left Groups Like ANTIFA are being Financed by...

Exploitation is what the Left specializes in. Their policies exist not on a foundation of truth and common sense but on a...

ANTIFA a Terror Group

Antifa fraudulently claims to stand against fascism, but they utilize the violent tactics of fascists against conservative Trump supporters.

WATCH LIVE! Riots Dishonor Memory of George Floyd

Memory of George Floyd Dishonored | Joseph Scodney The grotesque torture endured by George Floyd at the hands...

Mueller Investigation an Attempted Cover-Up

Another objective was to set up obstruction traps for Trump Administration officials.

Mueller Testimony Highlights

Mueller does not sound good nor look worthy of the responsibility of a Special Counsel Investigation. What he did was criminal.

The Mueller Report for Dummies

This Mueller Report for Dummies Should Help with Understanding the Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Report on Russian Collusion & Obstruction of Justice Accusations of the Trump Campaign and the Trump Presidential Administration.

The Untold Story of the Birth of Social Distancing

It took a high school science fair, George W. Bush, history lessons and some determined researchers to make it policy.

Obama Ordered Flynn Spying

Obama Ordered Flynn Spying

The Steele Dossier

Comey Protected Hillary Clinton

Flynn Call Intercepted Illegally at Request of Obama White House

FBI NEVER Unmasks Flynn on Kislyak Call.

Unmasked or Not?

If justice is not served, we have lost our Republic. An America of liberty and justice shall be no more.

Chuck Fraud

This system of initiating media cover ups to hide politicians' criminal activity may be the most UN-American thing I've seen in my lifetime.

Obamagate & Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

PODCAST EPISODE 19: Listen to how they framed a decorated war hero right here!

Andrew Weissmann Mueller’s Pitbull

The #2 man on the Special Counsel ran the show. He was a donor to Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign for President. Moreover, he was seen at Hillary's victory party that never happened. He also unlawfully destroyed Arthur Andersen in his prosecution of energy giant Enron Corp.

Michael Flynn FBI Records

They could never take out Trump with Flynn there. He'd figure out their plot. He had to go.

Real Talk for Real People

Great Debate Box Watch

Great Debate Box Watch

Joe Biden Ukraine Video

Joe Biden Ukraine Documents

Iowa Caucuses and Shadow

Iowa Caucuses and Shadow

Tulsi Gabbard and Hillary

Is Joe Biden Senile?

Joe Biden Senile

Eric Ciaramella Photo

Eric Ciaramella Photo

Hunter Biden Slush Fund

Hunter Biden Slush Fund

Republican Talking Points

Conservatives for the Rule of Law

Jessica Cisneros for Congress

Biden Documents Released

Ad Destroys Dems on Lies



Democrats Running for President


Marianne Williamson

Reparations Debate