Immigration is a hot topic right now here in the United States. As the Trump Administration builds the wall on the southern border to thwart illegal immigration, there is much to talk about.

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A day after the Supreme Court rules that the Executive cannot ask the citizenship question on the decennial census, President Trump announces his administration’s new course of action.
WELL DAMN! $4,600,000,000 will be dispersed from the US Treasury this week to address this manufactured crisis.What type of government pays this amount of money to combat a non-crisis. Are we missing something here? Nope. Not at all. For our wonderful...
Hell just may have frozen over. John King of CNN delivers an accurate report of the border crisis.
Wayfair employees walked off their jobs today in protest of the US government’s hard work in making an effort to provide shelter, food, commodities, toiletries, and other resources for illegal aliens. Unfortunately the logic doesn’t add up!
Texas gained almost nine Hispanic residents for every additional white resident last year. This is why democrats want open borders.
Since Congress won't do anything, maybe Mexico will.
Local democrat politicians are encouraging Customs/Border Patrol to drop off hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in their communities. Were you consulted?
How this woman, whose speech is a train wreck every time she talks, continues to be Speaker of the House is mind numbing. What an embarrassment she is to our country.
PRESIDENT TRUMP AT THE SOUTHERN BORDER The blatant hypocrisy here is stunning. When you look at what the left is trying to accomplish with open borders, it’s nothing less than gaining more votes. How do we know? When the president floats the...
by Joseph Scodney The President of the United States is doing everything in his power to give the American people the border security they deserve. An elusive prospect for decades, we finally have an Executive who will take all necessary measures to enforce federal immigration laws that the Congresses of...
by Mort Collin, Free State of V Today twelve RINO (Republican in Name Only) Senators betrayed their president. They voted in favor of a resolution to block the National Emergency that allows President Trump to build the fence on the southern border. There is no question about the fact that these...
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