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Public policy includes all of the following: the FBI Russia Investigation, The Special Counsel Russia Investigation, the 2016 Presidential Campaign, the Hillary Clinton Email Pay for Play Scandal, and so much more. This is a Free State of V Category that is circumspect of federal legislation and its execution.

This President Does This & Our Current President is Investigated for Two and a Half Years. Welcome to the New America..."with Liberty & Justice for ALL! Is This a Joke?
14 Episodes of Entertainment and Information | The Case for Trump and the Hoaxes of the Democrats & the Media
Dems are playing games with our Constitution. When they do that, there is only one word to describe it...HOAX!!!
The California Bay Area is drowning in filth thanks to its liberal local, state, and federal politicians.
Leftists typically accuse conservative Republicans of the things they unlawfully do.
Investigative Journalism from the Conservative Media Destroys Fake Democrat Impeachment Narrative
The media doesn't want you to know about this.
The Former FBI Lawyer Breaks her Silence
The Impeachment Circus has arrived. The greatest show on Earth is back, and you probably know exactly where it is. CORRECT‼️ You guessed it; back in DC.
Could you have ever imagined it: This odd man would be hijacking our political system to drive a president elected by the American people from office?
The dots are connected and the overall scope of this massive scandal is quickly coming into view. Relatively soon, the truth will hit millions of shocked Americans like a nuclear bomb.
Antifa fraudulently claims to stand against fascism, but they utilize the violent tactics of fascists against conservative Trump supporters.
The proof is right here: Trump is a better president than Obama.
This Mueller Report for Dummies Should Help with Understanding the Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Report on Russian Collusion & Obstruction of Justice Accusations of the Trump Campaign and the Trump Presidential Administration.