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Public policy includes all of the following: the FBI Russia Investigation, The Special Counsel Russia Investigation, the 2016 Presidential Campaign, the Hillary Clinton Email Pay for Play Scandal, and so much more. This is a Free State of V Category that is circumspect of federal legislation and its execution.

Four radical leftist congresswomen have one hell of a chip on each of their shoulders. Hard-nosed, impolite, and confrontational, all of these women have been conditioned and taught that the United States is due for a reckoning.
Trump's recent tweets have come under fire, but they are doing exactly what he wants them to do.
Continuing the narrative of the democrat party media, politicians and celebrities are showing the world how truly wrong and hateful they are.
A storm swamped New Orleans streets and paralyzed traffic Wednesday as concerns grew that even worse weather was on the way: a possible hurricane that could strike the Gulf Coast and raise the Mississippi River to the brim of the city's protective levees. The storm was associated with a broad area of disturbed weather in the Gulf that forecasters said was on track to strengthen into a hurricane by the weekend.
The President's 4th of July Celebration was one for the ages. Relive the patriotic event right here!
During an entertaining and quite comedic round table discussion between Daniel Faeburgh and his friends, Liberals are front and center once again. This time it’s all about their habit of anointing themselves as the world’s most reliable truth tellers. Conservatives often find themselves on the receiving end...
The unfortunate thing about liberals is that they are not aware of the truth because of the democrat party media surrogates who report lies.
Jim Comey: "Politicians and candidates should stop talking about future prosecutions."
EARTH TO DEMOCRAT CONGRESSMEN AND WOMEN! The President of the United States is a citizen of this nation. You do not have access to any American citizen’s tax returns.
Mueller does not sound good nor look worthy of the responsibility of a Special Counsel Investigation. What he did at this press conference was criminal.
Loathsome Leftist politicians continue to try and destroy the president. This is the biggest political scandal ever perpetrated on the USA.
No you’re not dreaming, dead, or high. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have pledged to work together on a bill pertinent to special interests and lobbying.
In a bizarre move, Special Counsel Bob Mueller holds a presser so as to encourage democrats to make an attempt to impeach the President.
How did these FISA judges authorize warrants and warrant renewals based on garbage such as the Steel Dossier?