Unmasked or Not?

Unmasked or Not? | PODCAST | Victor Takacs

Yes. Michael Flynn was unmasked multiple times by the Obama Administration. However, unmasking was not the avenue used to discover the content of the Flynn-Kislyak call. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was unmasked nearly 50 times by 39 Obama Administration officials throughout December 2016 and January 2017. UN Ambassador Samantha Power unmasked him seven times. She must have a counting problem, because when she was asked by a reporter in 2019 whether or not she unmasked Flynn, she denied it. In other words, Samantha Power thinks 0=7.

One of the most devastating things I have ever seen in my life is the prolific lying and partisan games that are being played by politicians. This has become such a big problem in this country that it is even infecting our federal judiciary. Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is the judge in the Flynn case, has lost his mind. Both the defense and the prosecution have walked away, but the judge still wants this thing to go on.

I could never have imagined I’d be living in a country where a 3 year hoax could be played on a president, a media would be fully complicit in a massive amount of lies, a congressman would work hand in glove with a fake whistle blower (who should be unmasked) to impeach the President, and a pandemic would be exploited to spread panic and mass economic shutdown and fallout.

There is no telling how many other Trump officials were unmasked during the Presidential Transition of 2016-2017. The Obama Administration’s track record on surveillance is not good at all. My hope is the US Attorney John Durham has already begun to scratch the surface on the 44th President’s surveillance state. His administration’s massive abuse of National Security Agency databases for spying purposes should scare the hell out of every American.

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