2020 Election

Vote for America. Vote Trump.

Vote for America. Vote Trump. | Victor Takacs

Today is Tuesday, November 3, 2020, and it is Election Day. You may not know this, but this election is the most consequential election in this nation since 1864. It was in that election that Abraham Lincoln was running for a second term. His victory at the ballot box would guarantee a Union victory in the Civil War. Furthermore, our constitutional republic would now have a future that had seemed at times outside the realm of possibility during so many dark days in recent times. The guarantee of freedom would live on, and the destruction of the bonds of slavery would endure.

At present, our beloved nation finds itself at a crossroads just as it did so many years ago in 1864. A vote for America is a vote for Trump. A vote for Marxism is a vote for Biden. Given the massive corruption of the Democrat Party and Joe Biden himself, it is so important that as many Democrats as possible are voted out of office. Unable to muster up the courage necessary to call out those within their own party who are corrupt, quality Democrat leadership in the White House is quite hard to fathom. Given Joe Biden’s mental decline, his fitness for office is somewhat laughable, but so too is his lack of enthusiasm out on the campaign trail. The Trump Campaign and the Biden Campaign are vastly different from one another. They are both a reflection of two different Americas, one that is hopeful and optimistic and another that is dark and dreary.

Joe Biden has no solutions for America’s problems. Quite frankly, a Biden presidency would be disastrous for this country. Feeble and old, he is apt to be strong-armed by the Socialists within his own party. They crave power and will stop at nothing to gain it. This is why a vote for Trump is a vote for the preservation of America as we know it.

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