Why won't you open your arms, your hearts?

The blatant hypocrisy here is stunning. When you look at what the left is trying to accomplish with open borders, it’s nothing less than gaining more votes. How do we know? When the president floats the idea of dropping off illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities, democrats who represent those cities flip out. They absolutely love the idea of open borders, but when it comes to the prospect of illegal immigrants, by the thousands being brought into their communities, they reject the idea outright.


For many the White House’s proposal seems radical, but is it really? Why not open the door to opportunities for illegal immigrants in places where those who make public policy are supposedly more apt to welcome them. After all sanctuary cities are run by mayors and city Councils who are willing to do just about anything to bring in more government revenue so as to help the “least of us.” Right? That’s what they tell us. In their eyes the least of us include illegal immigrants who are just looking for a way to make their lives better. We all get it. These are human beings who deserve the same opportunities that we as Americans enjoy on a daily basis. They are not less than us. They are not beneath us.


However every nation has an absolute right to its own sovereignty by enforcing what and who enters into its territory. There are over 7 billion people on Earth today. Wouldn’t it be great if in fact the United States could grant to all of these people the opportunities that Americans enjoy?Sure it would. The reality is that there is no way that extending America’s opportunities to 7 billion people is even remotely feasible. Therefore it is important for us as a nation to understand the fact that our immigration system does need major overhauls. The system’s complexity and long wait times for those wanting to become legal citizens can only be addressed once the border is completely secured.

President Trump is seeing numbers among Hispanics who approve of the job he is doing tipping more and more in his favor. This is because Hispanic Americans who legally reside within the United States are increasingly tired of their wages being driven down by illegals. Moreover they see the injustice of allowing people to cut in line so to speak, while they did things the proper way and did not cut in line to become citizens.

Our border is currently in crisis mode. Our border patrol agents are exhausted. Numbers that are exceeding 10,000 migrants a day cannot abide. The resources that are currently at the border to deal with this situation are not enough to do much about these massive numbers. For months now. those on the left would have us think that the occurrences on the southern border do not constitute a crisis. However the executive branch of the United States government has made it very clear through its head, the president, that there is in fact a crisis on the border. Once again those on the left refuse to believe that this is a crisis and subsequently trash the president as a racist.


However when former Homeland security Secretary for the Obama administration, Jay Johnson, backs up the president by acknowledging the fact that there is a crisis at the border, suddenly the liberals and their media counterparts begin to believe in the crisis. Sunsequently, they drop their rhetoric of a “manufactured crisis,” because one of their own has said that it is a crisis. This is exactly what the president is up against. He’s made out to be a liar just because people hate him so much that they refuse to believe he and the experts that surround him in the executive branch.


How in the hell did we ever come to such a point in the history of this country? If these people would just trust the president and allow him to do his job, they may actually find that their lives wouldn’t be as stressful and that so much more could be accomplished for the American people. The partisan vitriol coming from the left is so poisonous that for many Americans the truth eludes them. A free society? Is this a free society anymore? When the liberal media runs the agenda and is the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, The American people are confused beyond belief. As conservatives, so many of us are sick and tired of the detour around the truth that the leftist media narrative is giving us.

Take these illegals and drop them off in blue states and cities. If the policy makers who represent these areas of the country think that they can nullify federal immigration law in the interest of non-Americans over Americans, fine! You want it; you got it! It’s time to step up, liberals! You want these people to come into this country by the thousands and potentially millions by the end of the year, then you serve them. After all for decades you have prided yourselves on the idea that you have the public policy answers that offer real solutions. Your public policy ideas are the best, and those who make public policy on the right have nothing. You preach about caring for people through government assistance, but now you refuse to open your hearts and arms to the very people you have suggested the whole nation open their hearts and arms to. What absolute hypocrisy? If the illegal immigrant is not a problem for the nation as a whole, then welcome him or her into your cities.

You see, the truth is that illegal immigration does more damage to American society than it does good. The Democrats know this and thus refuse to go along with President Trump’s idea of bringing these people into their sanctuary cities. The illegal immigrant is a problem; the legal immigrant is not. We have got to stand up for our sovereignty, and we must continue to make necessary reforms to our immigration system so that it can be a system that is fair and just to immigrants as well as the American people.


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